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  • The Power of Positive Visualization and How You Can Start Doing it Today!

    April 09, 2021

    woman daydreaming on park bench outside of nefertem studio

    “Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” Muhammad Ali

    What is Positive Visualization?

    Positive visualization is basically a daydream that's purposefully scripted with positive outcomes. The practice of positive visualization is an excellent way to rehearse the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your life goals. Over time, you’ll notice additional benefits of positive visualization, like feeling empowered to easily conquer day-to-day challenges.

    If you still need a bit more convincing, let’s explore a few more helpful outcomes directly linked to positive visualization. This article will also tell you how to get started on your positive visualization journey.

    woman contemplating lie after using nefertem skin care products

    3 Benefits of Positive Visualization

    Below are three specific ways that positive visualization can positively impact your life.

    #1 - Improved Focus

    Visualizing the same activities or end goals over and over will eventually improve your general focus. In reality, you’re performing a mental exercise by using the power of positive thinking. Isn’t it amazing that you can train your brain to focus closely on one thing and “see it” all the way through?

    #2 - Inspiration and Hope

    Everyone goes through tough periods in life. We lose jobs, get divorced, or face health conditions. Dark nights of the soul can be a little less dark when you have positive visualization as a secret weapon. Visualizing happiness, success, and peace can create a positive outlook that you apply even on your toughest days.

    #3 - High Self-Confidence

    The more confident we are within our own minds, bodies, and hearts, then the better we’ll feel. Think about it, you do better when you feel better. If you have strong self-confidence then dealing with the everyday ups and downs of life will be much less intimidating.

    woman with confidence in the sun after using nefertem holistic skin care


    Ways You Can Enhance Positive Visualization

    Here are a few, simple ways you can enhance your positive visualization practice. Creating the perfect ambiance will often make visualizations much stronger and more powerful.

    • Fragrance: Candles, essential oil diffusers, incense, sage, and aromatherapy sprays all can set the stage for a peaceful and calming visualization session.

    nefertem aromatherapy sprays for positive visualization

    • Light: Sitting in bright, natural light is the best way to practice visualization. Of course, you can also increase the intensity by lighting candles and/or using salt lamps.

    • Guided Meditation: If you aren’t exactly sure how to practice positive visualization, check out a guided meditation podcast, audio book, or YouTube channel. There are plenty of low-cost (and free) resources available.

    • Vision Boards: These are easy-to-make poster boards that you cover with positive images and quotes. Each of the items you paste onto the vision board is an expression of your dreams and goals.

    woman doing guided meditation for positive visualization

    You’ve Got the Power

    You’ve already got the power inside of you and simply need to tap into your positivity. By taking 10 minutes a day to visualize the life of your dreams, you’ll find that tackling big obstacles won’t seem nearly as daunting as it does today.

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