How to Transition to Using Natural Skincare

March 04, 2022

Natural skincare products with essential oils and herbs

Our skin is our largest organ and perhaps the one in need of the most maintenance. It also happens to be the one exposed to a slew of products meant to preserve the health and look of our skin, at times, with serious side effects.

With the growing awareness of how harmful chemicals can be to our bodies, it’s no wonder skincare products are often under the microscope, and for good reason.

Every single product that gets applied to our skin runs the risk of being absorbed into our bloodstream to be distributed throughout the body. This is why we want to make sure we are making smart decisions about the products we use.

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Nefertem the best natural skincare with moisturizers and soap

Make the Switch to Natural Skincare

Chances are, if you’ve browsed the aisles of cosmetic stores or big chain stores, you've probably noticed many skincare products touting "all natural" that in reality, are nothing of the sort. 

This can be challenging for the average person and require more effort prior to purchasing. By reading labels and doing a bit of research, you'll find there are actually very few all-natural skincare products on the market.

Now, keep in mind, once you do find a truly natural product, it can be a bit of an adjustment to start using it. Some require more careful storage, some are only available online, and some have a much higher cost than you might be used to because of the ingredients used to make it. 

But none of these challenges should deter you from getting started with the switch to all natural skincare!

Read on to learn more about making the transition. Hopefully, this helps make the switch to natural skincare a little easier.

display of natural ingredients used in natural skincare making

Educate Yourself and Read Labels

Since “natural” products are fast gaining popularity, many companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon by showing natural looking product labels and making false natural claims.

Unfortunately, the word "natural" is not regulated by the FDA or FTC, which means that any unscrupulous skincare company can claim their synthetic products are all natural with no legal repercussions. Frustrating, we know!

So how can you make sure you are buying something that is actually natural when labels can be so misleading?

Read labels!

Choose organic whenever possible as this IS a regulated term in the skincare industry. Some small, family businesses cannot afford the cost to be certified organic, so read through their literature, looking for their use of organic ingredients, instead of simply looking at their packaging for the certified organic stamp. 


Carefully review each ingredient listed on a product and take time to look them up. If it turns out to be a synthetic ingredient, move onto the next product. 

woman testing out ingredients in a lab

Avoid Chemicals!

Avoid many of the common chemical culprits that have been shown to cause skin irritation, reproductive harm or worse!

Some common ingredients to avoid are:
  • aluminum chlorohydrate
  • phthalates
  • parabens
  • thimerosol
  • propylene glycol

Say NO to Artificial Fragrances!

Watch out for artificially fragranced products. These synthetic fragrances can contain thousands of chemical compounds shown to wreck havoc on our hormone receptors and cause allergic reactions.

Choose essential oil-based products instead like this aroma spray.

Incorporate Products Slowly

Replacing all your tried and true skin favorites all at once can be a hard thing to do. After all, it’s taken you years to perfect your beauty routines and find what works for you, not to mention the incredible cost to do so.

The process of switching to all natural products should happen slowly. Start small with one product at a time. Maybe switch your body cream first, then your soap, then your make-up. 

By starting small, you won't feel such strain on your wallet, and it gives you the opportunity to fully experience how your skin reacts to one product at a time. 

woman applying natural moisturizer by Nefertem to face

Don't Stop After One Bad Experience

Somethings out there, although they may be natural, may not work for you or your skin. Read product reviews, talk to a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician, and take time to sample many products over time.

Just because one natural body cream doesn't work for you, that doesn't mean the next natural body cream won't. Just like you have your current favorites, you'll eventually develop new favorites that can give you the benefits of being natural while also treating your skin like you want them to.

Remember the Benefits of Natural Skin Care

While change can be hard, it helps to remember the why behind the switch. Using natural products on your skin and around your home can provide a health boost while reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals.

By swapping out synthetic products, that have been linked to endocrine issues, infertility, and some cancers, you are more likely to reduce your risk of developing these issues.

Natural products are often also better for the environment due to the sustainable practices used to produce the products and (typically) the recyclable/recycled packaging they come in. Many natural products also preserve cultural traditions by honoring ancient recipes and ingredients touted for their historical health benefits.

natural ingredients used in ancient recipes to make natural skincare products

Time to Get Started!

Now's the time to get started finding natural skincare that is better for your health and the environment. Chances are, you will fall in love and see even better results when using products that are actually good for you.

Take your time, do your research and allow your regimen to naturally evolve into the best natural skincare combination for your skin. 

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