How to Manifest Your Goals - 5 Easy Ways to Get What You Want Out of Life!

April 27, 2021

woman manifesting goals while meditating

“My goal isn’t to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.” - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

All phases of life can be enriched by dreaming a new dream or setting a new goal. Establishing a special goal today can help you design the future you want to be living tomorrow.

Manifesting both your short and long-term goals is possible, you just have to know how to get started. Check out these 5 easy ways you can manifest your goals and get exactly what you want out of life! 

woman holding sage over hand with nefertem skin care

#1 - Dream Board Your Goals

The Law of Attraction is not just a metaphysical concept but a true scientific fact just like gravity. People that rely on the Law of Attraction to welcome success, good health, and other positive outcomes into their lives often use dream boards (aka vision boards). This is a collection of images and words that visually show what you want to manifest.

Start with a corkboard. Gather pictures that capture the look of your goal after it has been accomplished. Pin it to the board and look at the board daily with a smile on your face.

Want a dream home? Find it in a magazine, cut it out and stick-pin it to the board. Want to eat more greens? Draw a salad on paper and pin it up! Want to meet the man/woman of your dreams? Create a list of qualities you want and tack it. No dream or goal is too small to vision board it!

dream board with images taped to wall

#2 - Think Positive About Your Goals

It’s believed that thinking positive thoughts will attract to you what your heart desires. This too is a core foundational concept of the Law of Attraction mentioned above. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Makes sense? Think of the opposite - when does thinking negatively ever lead to something good? Never! So try it. It can't hurt, it can only help!

Start today, right now, behaving as if you already have everything you want. Feel delighted in your spirit and wear a day-long smile. By doing this, you’ll begin to act as if you already lost those 50lbs, started your small business, or went on your dream trip around the world. You will immediately begin to reap the joyous emotional benefits of thinking positively daily even before you reach your goals! Win/win!

woman smiling with sunshine behind her

#3 - Affirm Your Goals

Affirmations work with the other steps to connect you to your heart’s desire. You can easily repeat out loud a personal mantra that helps inspire your spirit. For instance, you could say “I am on the path to finding my soulmate” or “I am smart, capable, and determined. I will make my business a success.”

You can practice your daily affirmations anywhere at any time. That could be while driving, before bed, looking into the mirror or at your desk. Many people think it’s best to include positive affirmations during meditation, yoga and bathing. (Think - lathering your body with aromatherapy soap while repeating out loud "I am strong, beautiful and capable of creating the world I want.")

To enhance the affirmation experience, try listening to healing soul frequency music, spritzing essential oils around the room with an aromatherapy spray, burning sage (or using a sage smudging spray), or surrounding yourself with crystals. 

man affirming in mirror while using nefertem skin care

#4 - Visualize Your Goals

Along with all the other practices, include plenty of focused visualizations. This is a more purposeful action than simply daydreaming about “what could be”.

Be sure you imagine (or visualize) in great detail the sights, sounds, smells, and touch of whatever your goals are. Let your visualization take you into the future where you’re living your best life.

Do your best to conjure up the feeling of joy and gratitude for the "already achieved" goal in your heart to enliven the experience. The more emotionally charged the visualization, the more your brain/body believes it to have already happened.

woman holding up hands to visualize her goals

#5 - Journal Your Goals

Writing down one or two things each day that inspire you can go a long way towards supporting your goals and simply improving your disposition in life.

Start out by keeping a gratitude journal. Write down a few items for which you are thankful for as a part of your daily routine. Over time, you may want to expand this practice by jotting down, in high detail, the steps required to achieve your goals.

Just like visualization, be as specific as possible. Start from the end goal and work your way backwards. Create "bite-sized" actionable steps that can be accomplished in less than an hour. This can help you approach a huge goal with less trepidation as the plan seems full of easy, tiny steps. 

woman writing in journal her goals

Taking the time to intentionally perform these 5 easy steps can truly help you to manifest your wildest dreams. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, think happy thoughts about your goals. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! 

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