How Stress Affects Your Skin and How to Stop It

September 14, 2021

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“Stress is the trash of modern life. We all generate [stress] but if you don’t dispose of [stress] properly, it will pile up and overtake your life.” - Danzae Pace, Author 

Every day we face a variety of different stressors. Maybe you’re dealing with setbacks or challenges when it comes to work, family, or finances. Or perhaps your money is on point and your family is all good...but those minor, day-to-day annoyances (like traffic, allergies, or busy schedules) are starting to take a toll on your soul and your skin. 

Check out our tips for stopping the effects of stress on your “birthday suit”. You may find these life hacks can also lift your spirits!

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The Stress Is Written All Over Your Face

Our skin is the largest organ we have, and it can easily reveal the state of both our physical and mental health. Each person reacts to stress in their own way and their skin will respond individually too. For instance, stress may cause you to develop dermatitis, hives or dark circles under your eyes. On the other hand, your best friend or sister may experience stress-induced acne flare ups or dry, dull overall skin appearance with stress. 

A quick visit to the dermatologist will determine which type of stress you are likely experiencing: chronic or acute. They might even help you determine why your skin is responding the way it is and what you can do to prevent it from a medical standpoint, although in many cases, the cause and treatment remain a mystery.  

What we do know for sure though, is that chronic stress is detrimental to your skin’s health and there are things you can do today to help prevent it! 

7 Ways You Can Stop Stressing Out Your Skin

There isn’t one simple answer when it comes to making your skin stress-free. Each person will have to find their own tricks for tackling personal pressures. However, there are some global standards for reducing stress and improving your overall disposition on life that you could try. Who knows, maybe one of them can become your new favorite self-care routine! 

Start with any of these options:

  • Hydrate:

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    It’s recommended that men drink 3.7 liters (15.5 cups) of fluid and women drink 2.7 liters (11.5 cups) per day. This infuses the skin cells with plumping hydration that can quickly improve the skin’s appearance. It also helps with detoxifying the entire system, leading to an improvement in the skin’s texture and look. 

  • Natural Skin Care: Clearly what you put on your skin will have a marked effect on how your skin looks, feels and responds to stress. While a natural moisturizer may not reduce your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) it certainly won’t add to your body’s overall stress via toxin overload. Instead of your common store-bought lotions full of petroleum-based ingredients, artificial fragrances, and other toxins our bodies don’t need, opt for gentle, all-natural moisturizers and cleansers. 

  • Nutrition: lady grabbing fruit out of fruit bowl Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts to provide your skin with additional hydration and a well-balanced set of vitamins and minerals. Instead of processed foods, caffeine, sugar, and salt-rich foods that can make your skin look lifeless and dull, opt instead for wholesome, skin enhancing options such as whole grains, grass-fed and free-range meats, organic produce, and wild-caught fish. The more local, the better.  

  • Relaxation: Prayer, meditation, visualization, and journaling are excellent ways to help you relax. Another profound way to shift your stress levels is to be purposeful during your daily shower. Visualize releasing tension as the water flows over your body. Use aromatherapy soaps to enhance the experience.   

  • Movement: Get moving for at least 30 minutes each day, preferably in nature. Walk, bike, hike, garden, swim, golf, or dance. Move in a way each day that makes your body and heart feel joyous and watch as your skin responds positively. 

  • Avoidance: Avoid things that have been proven to cause skin damage such as excessive alcohol, drugs, smoking, high-noon sun, and more. Doing so can prevent the loss of your beautiful, glowing skin.  

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The funny thing about most people is that the more stressed we get, the less we think to take care of ourselves. But this is exactly the time when self-care should become our highest priority to ensure the scales are balanced. 

Stress can lead to a whole cycle of bad habits, none of which help your skin complexion or your body/mind/spirit health. Loss of appetite or excessive eating of unhealthy junk foods tends to lead to a lack of hydration, dependency on addictions, lack of sleep, and poor life choices. Stop the cycle before it even starts by prioritizing healthy, daily routines, especially when you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. 

Not sure where to start? Try our Intention Kits formulated to support the single most personal, powerful and private time of day - your bathing routine. Cleanse your body, mind and spirit with a bathing ritual so sacred and empowering, you'll find an excuse to do it twice!

Trust us, your skin will thank you for it! 



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