Conscious Bathing - Connect Spiritually Using Bath Meditation

February 03, 2022

man meditating in bath practicing conscious bathing

Add Magic to Your Me-Time with Conscious Bathing

Have you ever stepped into the shower or bath with the thought to relax, take a break from your day, or wash away your worries?

Have you ever whispered sweet nothings to yourself while applying lotion to gain a boost of confidence?

Have you ever sprayed on some perfume, looked in the mirror and said “today is the day! I got this!

Well, then you’ve already had a taste of conscious bathing, otherwise known as "bath meditation" or "shower meditation".

If you haven't, you're in for a real treat!

Being purposeful with your routine, surrounded by products that support you, like our intention kits, is the perfect recipe for magical me-time.

nefertem conscious bathing kits for intentional living

What is Conscious Bathing?

Conscious bathing is simply active meditation during your daily shower or bath. It's the art of creating a sacred + elevating bathing experience for the ultimate self-care ritual.

It combines the cleansing power of water with your set intention for the day.

It encourages renewal of the mind, body and spirit during the most private time you have all to yourself.

It sets the tone for the coming day, improves mental clarity and reminds you to stay true to your values.

Conscious bathing can be life changing.

  • Be present
  • Connect Spiritually
  • Find Clarity
  • Create Peace in your life

woman with head in water doing bath meditation

A Great Reminder to Be Mindful

"Conscious bathing and being purposeful with my mornings has changed the way I approach my day. Coupled with the amazing aromas from these intention kits, I feel like a whole different person. Such a great reminder to be mindful." - Cathy W.

How To Bathe Consciously

1. Quiet, Connect, Declare

Slow your breathing, silence your mind, and set your intention while holding the crystal. "Today, I will release all worries and trust in the process."

2. Lather, Rinse, Release

Step into the shower or bath with purpose and conscious intent. Connect with every inch of your body as you cleanse away what no longer serves you.

3. Relax, Massage, Activate

Tenderly massage the cream into your arms, legs and toes, activating your intention. Surrender to the moment. Feel joy and peace flow through you with ease.

4. Spritz, Inhale, Align

Stand, chin up, chest out, spray your body from crown chakra to foot. Surrounded by the rich aromas of the pure essential oils, you shift your energy in alignment with your daily intention.

Now walk out into the world with vibes so high, people pause to consider what's changed about you!

woman smiling at the son full of confidence after conscious bathing

Personal Practice. Universal Change.

At Nefertem, we believe that daily, conscious bathing and self-reflection leads to a positive shift in our collective spirit. The more we practice, the more we support each other's growth.

We are profoundly grateful and excited to be living in harmony with you, the environment and all the creatures that depend on us to do better.

The beautiful thing... it can all start in your daily shower!

Discover Conscious Bathing For Yourself

Nefertem Intention Kits include:

  • 4 Intention Skincare Products
  • Surprise Crystal
  • eBook on Intentional Living
  • Cotton, drawstring bag
  • Good vibes

Nefertem Intention Kits for conscious bathing practice

Available in a variety of aromas. 100% natural products made with 90% organic ingredients and 0% artificial junk! Amazing for your skin, sustainable for the environment and scented so delightful, you'll want to try them all!

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