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  • 5 Reasons You Should Switch to Holistic Skincare

    July 30, 2021

    compilation of natural skincare products and holistic skincare tools

    “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” - Magda Boulet, Professional Runner & U.S. Olympian

    Most of us believe eating healthy and exercising are the best way to good health and longevity. However, there are lots of other ways to care for your well-being. For instance, you may want to start thinking about how impactful your own skin care routine is on your overall health.

    Remember, your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it absorbs about 60% of everything applied to its surface. That means that any serums, lotions, soaps, makeups, or other personal care items will eventually find their way into your bloodstream. Using holistic skincare is an excellent way to be sure your body is not getting any unwanted allergens, toxins, and chemicals.

    woman rubbing holistic moisturizer into arm

    What’s Holistic Skincare?

    The term “holistic” refers to a conscious practice that encourages people to keep their mind, body, and spirit well. The idea is that each aspect of yourself (ex. mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) must work harmoniously together to keep you healthy and happy. Most holistic skincare companies opt to use natural and organic ingredients.

    5 Great Reasons for Using Holistic Skincare

    Most of us love natural skincare products because they usually don’t include chemicals, toxins, or synthetic fragrances. Pure ingredients and positive intentions make holistic personal products a great choice for your skincare needs.

    person dripping oil into bottle while making holistic skincare for Nefertem

    Check out these other 5 great reasons for using holistic skincare.

    1. Enjoy Wholesome Ingredients: Many people gravitate towards natural products to avoid the common chemicals found in mainstream personal products that can sometimes cause unwanted skin reactions and irritation. Petroleum, formaldehyde, quaternium-15, parabens, and methylchloroisothiazolinone are just a few of the common toxins found in many store-bought creams and soaps.

    2. Avoid Artificial Smells: As you may know, artificial fragrances are used in many different types of skincare. For some, synthetic scents can trigger sinus problems, asthma issues, and migraine pain. On the other hand, plant-based personal products smell amazing because they use pure, essential oils and organic plant extracts to create all-natural smells.

    3. Environmentally Friendly: The production of conventional skincare items can have a negative impact on the environment. For example, manufacturing traditional skincare can leave behind a negative carbon footprint that includes lead, mica, aluminum, nitrates, and carcinogenic byproducts. Holistic skincare is usually developed from sustainable practices and natural ingredients which has nearly no negative impact on the environment.

    4. No Animal Testing: Many holistic skincare companies are cruelty-free which means no lab testing on animals. Some are leaping bunny certified, some simply commit to the policy of no animal testing as a value they hold, Nefertem Holistic Skincare, being one of them.

    5. Better Value: Conventional skincare products are commonly made of synthetic fillers, water, and alcohol rather than natural, active ingredients. Buying traditional skincare products means you’re only getting about 10% active ingredients and 90% fillers. On the other hand, holistic skincare manufacturers tend to use unrefined, pure ingredients, that nourish your skin even while using small amounts of product. This is because holistic skincare contains 100% active ingredients, offering better value for your money.

    nefertem holistic skincare products with plant

    Starting today, you can easily begin using holistic skincare products as part of your mindful living practice. You may just find yourself in a more positive frame of mind, body, and spirit.

    Ready to get started, shop Nefertem Holistic Skincare products now. Nefertem products are intentional from conception and creation, to sending off with love. Raw ingredients undergo a purification ceremony to remove any impure energy. As part of the process, all products are surrounded by crystals, plants, and curative music to activate their potential and empower the maker.

    Nefertem – the Original Holistic Skincare company, est. 2012.


    *This post may contain affiliate links to ingredients we use and trust in the manufacture of our products. If you click the link and make a purchase, we may be compensated for making the referral.

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