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man disappointed he didn't get holistic skincare for christmas


Reflect & Evolve

You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win. - African proverb

Regardless of the outcome, this week's reflection reminds us that even if we failed, we were on the right path if we CHOSE to learn from it.

Many of us view failure as a pass to just give up. By giving up, we leave behind valuable insight that will help us gain a broader perspective as to why and how we've failed.

This insight helps prepare us for the future, preventing us from repeating our mistakes over and over.

This week's proverb sums it up.

If we make time to learn from our losses, more than we soak up the rays of our wins, we will learn more about how to improve the next time.

    How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Living mindfully takes practice. Having the right tools around to support you is essential. Our holistic skincare was formulated to connect your mind, body and spirit with pure ingredients and positive intention. Our focus is to encourage you to reflect and evolve daily. 

    Ready to experience natural soaps that cleanse your aura? How about natural moisturizers that inspire confidence or aromatherapy sprays that encourage a smile? Sounds like you're ready for Nefertem Holistic Skincare! 

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