Why Choosing Handcrafted is So Important

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Choosing handcrafted, artisan-made products has a monumental influence that extends far beyond the single transaction.

From the positive effects on job creation to honoring generational traditions to supporting the family business ecosystem, your choice of handcrafted, artisan products has never been so important.

Employs Hardworking American Artisans

Artisan businesses are a proven source of job creation. According to the SBA, “Small businesses continue to be incubators for innovation and employment growth…(and) play a vital role in the economy of the United States. They produced 46 percent of the private, nonfarm GDP in 2008…”

The SBE Council states “firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.4% of businesses (in 2014)".

Your choice to purchase artisan-made products stimulates the need for those artisans to hire employees right here in the USA. As a bonus, it also generates sales tax revenue for the schools, infrastructure and programs in your area. 

Protects Cultural Traditions

Working with our hands seems to be a lost art. Learning from our elders and teaching our children how to render tallow, sew a shirt or grow a garden are essential to life.

The way the hands and tools carve a piece of cedar cannot be taught from a book. The finesse of the soap maker’s pour must be handed down through experience. Purchasing handcrafted goods encourages this interaction between the generations and protects age-old traditions. (that's my mom and kiddos in the image below...I just love them!)

handcrafted skincare protects tradition

Supports the Family Business Ecosystem

Husband and wife operations are more likely to work with other husband/wife operations as they understand the commitment and networking it takes to make their businesses successful.

Purchasing just one bar of our soap, for example, supports the following husband and wife teams:

  1. The ranch that raises the grass-fed cattle. (see ranchers in image below)
  2. The butcher that processes the cattle, providing us with the suet (fat) for rendering. 
  3. The meat grinder who grinds up the fat for us to render.
  4. We who render the fat, then use it to craft quality soap and body butters. 
  5. The event organizers who create markets for us to connect with buyers.
  6. …and many more teams via our suppliers of raw organic ingredients.

As you can see, just one bar of our handcrafted soap supports an entire ecosystem of families.

One purchase = HUGE DIFFERENCE!

handcrafted soap and artisan skincare

Honors Our Uniqueness – A Refreshing Break From The Norm

Mass-produced, factory-farmed products are boring. There, I said it.

There’s no character, no artistic diversity, no authenticity. Handcrafted artisan products are rich in character and charm. They flaunt their tiny flaws and quirks like a badge of honor. They invoke a sense of pride and realness that factory-produced products cannot compete with.

As in the case of our organic skincare line, you can actually FEEL the craftsmanship and passion every time you lather down or lotion up. There’s simply nothing like it in the universe.

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