Reflect & Evolve

Whatever one handles gently will not be ruined; it is what one attempts with force that causes grief. - Yoruban proverb

It can be frustrating when we've spent time visualizing a plan coming together only to be faced with roadblock after roadblock.

Great things come naturally. A garden grows in its own time. Nothing in nature is forced so what makes us any different?

This week's reflection is a reminder to be aware of the ways in which we approach things.

Cultivating an idea by giving it time to develop is more likely to produce positive results than rushing into something headstrong.

Sure we should work towards developing our ideas and goals, but we must also be flexible and willing to make adjustments along the way. We must be open to the signs from the Universe that lead us down the path of least resistance.

One way to "follow the signs" is to take the time to reflect quietly on life every day. Over time, this gradual, gentle cultivation of our minds and spirits will open us up to supreme guidance from the universe.

It will naturally increase our intuition and awareness, allowing us to see more clearly when we've gone down a path that isn't right for us. At that point, it's imperative for us to be open to consider a new direction - one that flows with abundance and does not cause us grief.

Write this reflection down somewhere to help remind you to reflect on what this means to you. Enjoy the essence of our holistic skincare while you do.

    How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Living mindfully takes practice. Having the right tools around to support you is essential. Our holistic skincare was formulated to connect your mind, body and spirit with pure ingredients and positive intention. Our focus is to encourage you to reflect and evolve daily. 

    Ready to experience natural soaps that cleanse your aura? How about natural moisturizers that inspire confidence or aromatherapy sprays that encourage a smile? Sounds like you're ready for Nefertem Holistic Skincare! 

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