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  • To Give Away is to Put Away for Yourself

    September 24, 2020

    volunteers outside holistic skincare manufacturer

    Reflect & Evolve

    To give away is to put away for yourself. - Tswana Proverb

    Wow. Imagine a world where this was a popular sentiment. Instead of pushing to the front of the line, we might offer our space to another.

    Instead of denying the "bum" a dollar, we might find it pleasurable to gift him a $20.

    Instead of hoarding our time, we might find a moment to play with our children/grandchildren.

    This week's reflection is a beautiful reminder of the power of giving.

    Many cultures describe ways to advance our personal growth in different ways, but all have some form of this same message. To give is to receive. This can be as simple as an ear to a friend or a meal to a stranger.

    For the world to advance as a collective, we must acknowledge the power of our actions. Whether we know it or not, acting without expectation proliferates throughout our society, becoming a catalyst for more of the same.

    Your one act, then a second, and a third, can develop into an entire community that values "paying it forward".

    WE CAN BE THE CHANGE necessary to turn around all the negative we see in the world.

    This week, let's walk in our power; graciously giving whenever and wherever we can, knowing that in the end, we are putting away for the benefit of us too.

    How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

    Living mindfully takes practice. Having the right tools around to support you is essential. Our holistic skincare was formulated to connect your mind, body and spirit with pure ingredients and positive intention. Our focus is to encourage you to reflect and evolve daily. 

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