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  • Spiritual Detox: What You Can Do Today to Cleanse Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

    August 03, 2021

    lady holding sage and incense stick while spiritually detoxing home

    “Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body -- emotionally, physically, and spirituality.” - Unknown

    We are all like unique sponges, moving through life while unknowingly absorbing energy from our various environments. Sometimes we absorb negative thoughts or feelings that can pollute our heart, mind, and spirit. “Spiritual toxins” like stressful home or office spaces, negative social media experiences, or hurtful gossip must eventually be released from our souls.

    What is a Spiritual Detox?

    You may have completed a physical detox in the past. If you have, you probably remember having to follow a specific process for removing negative substances that build up inside your body. Once in a while your spirit will also need to be flushed of negativity and other impurities too.

    There are a variety of daily practices and spiritual cleansing rituals that you can perform to help refresh your body, mind, and spirit daily, such as a cleansing bath or simple meditation.

    lady holding hands to her chest after using spirit cleanse spray

    4 Self-Cleansing Rituals for Your Spirit

    Most people rely on one or more of the elements (ex. water, fire, air, earth) to purify both themselves and their special spaces. Here are a few ways you can perform a self-cleansing practice.

    Crystal Rituals: Use a high-vibrational stone, like selenite, to absorb negative energies surrounding you. Simply pass the stone over your head and body while meditating or thinking positive thoughts. You can also try placing an amethyst stone near your bed while you sleep to help clear emotional toxins nightly.

    Ritual Baths: Water is an element known to inherently refresh the spirit so it’s a great self-cleansing option. Herbal baths can cleanse the body, spirit and mind. Simply, add your favorite herbs to a sachet or sock and allow the herbs to work their magic. Lavender and Chamomile are two amazing herbs that promote relaxation. If you don’t have these handy, try our Nurture Aromatherapy Soap, infused with pure lavender.

    Smudging Rituals: People all over the world use the smoke from burning herbs as a self-cleansing practice. This practice of “smudging” can be performed within a space (like your office or home) or over your own body (from crown chakra to root chakra). Aroma sprays are a super convenient way to smudge your sacred spaces and your spirit. Our Spirit Cleanse Aromatherapy Spray is made of pine, sage, and frankincense oils.

    two amber glass bottles housing spirit cleanse aromatherapy sprayDid you know that we cleanse each ingredient that goes into our Aromatherapy Spray? Every crystal, essential oil and drop of moon water has been purified and blessed with good intentions.  

    Sound Cleansing Rituals: The power of sound can be really helpful for your spiritual detox. Try listening to chanting, ringing bells, Tibetan singing bowls, or ancient music (e.g. African Drumming, Buddhist, Native American). People also find certain healing frequencies to be helpful in clearing bad vibes from their spirits such as 432hz and 528hz.

    Best Times to Perform Spiritual Cleansings

    Now that you know what actions to take to help along your spiritual detox, let’s go over a list of the best times to perform these spiritual cleansing rituals.

    • Beginning of new seasons to usher in fresh, positive energy.
    • Once a week to perform a routine spiritual maintenance.
    • Before houseguests arrive and after your guests leave.
    • After any misfortune such as illness, death, injury, financial troubles, etc.
    • Once a month on the New Moon or the Full Moon.
    • Any time you feel you or your home is “heavy” with intense emotions.

    candlelit spiritual detox bath with Nefertem soap

    Besides self-cleansing rituals, you can also choose to simply avoid some of the negative people, places, and things that have been weighing down your spirit. Counter the “darkness” you’re experiencing with light and positivity.

    Another excellent routine to incorporate into your lifestyle is a daily cleansing shower. If you can’t find time to take that soothing herbal bath mentioned above, try an intentional, cleansing shower instead. Simply set your intention, start the hot water, and step inside. Allow the water to wash away what no longer serves you and purify your spirits in the process. Bonus - add healing frequency music and our aromatherapy soap to amplify your experience.


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