Settle Inward With These 3 Fall Essentials

October 19, 2021

Settle Inward With These 3 Fall Essentials

Autumn brings with it a noticeable shift in energy. As the tree sap recedes into the core of the trunk and the squirrels scramble to tuck away the last of their foraging collection, we too begin to find ourselves leaning towards introversion. Fall spices fill our coffee cups and sweaters make their way out of storage as the last of the summer crops get harvested.

As with the changing of every season, there are certain herbs, spices, essential oils, bath products and aromas that seemingly vibrate with the frequency of Autumn. If you’re looking for a way to connect with the spirit of Autumn and settle inward, check out these fall essentials below.

3 Fall Essentials

Fire Cider

An herbal remedy about as old as mankind is made by steeping herbs and roots into a blend of apple cider vinegar and honey. While each herbalist has their own twist on this classic recipe, most fire ciders, also known as fire tonics, contain ACV, honey, garlic and onion. Used to promote health and wellness during the cooler months. This tonic can be taken like a shot of whiskey, blended with herbal tea, or taken in drops under the tongue.

different shots of fire ciderTry making your own by steeping the garlic and onion in ACV for 1 week, then strain and add a touch of honey. Or check out Mountain Rose Herbs premade, organic fire cider blends in 3 different varieties.

Purify Intention Kit

With rich aromas of frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood, the essential oil blends found in this Purify Intention Kit are enough to settle you inward for days!

oils in tiny bottles and resin

Offering a deep connection to the high spirit source and a subtle awakening of your third eye and intuition while simply taking your daily shower. This kit provides the soap for bad vibe cleansing, moisturizer for activating your daily intention and an aroma spray to seal it all in, plus 3 free gifts all tucked in a cute, cotton, drawstring bag.

Hot Chai Tea

two mugs of chai tea and cinnamon sticks resting on a saucer

As delicious as it is good for your Autumn urges, this herbal tea offers a gentle warming effect, making your insides literally all warm and fuzzy, plus a flavor explosion for your taste buds. Herbs in this blend include ginger root, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and Darjeeling tea. Blend your own using loose leaf herbs or grab a premixed organic blend here.

Other ways to settle inward include journaling, spending more time meditating, gentle or hot yoga, creating foraging wreaths, knitting, hot herbal baths, and simply being still and quiet more often.

woman meditating by lake

Autumn is also an excellent time to quit bad habits or addictions as the increased desire to shift inward can soothe your inner journey, giving you the strength you need to fight off cravings.

Are you more of a lavender/rest/rejuvenation type in Autumn? Check out Our Relax Intention Kit instead and tell us what you think!


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