January 10, 2020

older man smiling after using natural skincare

Reflect & Evolve

If you wish good advice, consult the old persons. - Oromo proverb

In many cultures, the aging process is held in the highest regard. Unfortunately, in American society, aging persons are many times considered irrelevant and outdated.

It's as though somehow, even though they have earned years of knowledge and experience, the elderly's place in society is limited to "old folks homes" and the occasional holiday get-together.

This week's proverb gives us a new perspective as to the value of our elder society.

As youngins, we have a lot to gain by spending time with our elders. Most of what we learn in a shared moment cannot be measured, but plants seeds of reflection for later times. In fact, much good advice is given while we don't have a problem, we simply have to listen in the now.

Can you imagine if teenagers were required to spend an hour a week with the old folks at retirement homes! Could this offer a shift in perspective as a society? Who knows, but I'd love to be a fly on the wall while they do! Haha.

This week, let's examine our beliefs on aging, the elderly and our values in regards to what an old person can bring to the table. Remember, the lucky ones of us will one day become them old persons.

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