Only When the Water in the Big River is High

February 25, 2021

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Reflect & Evolve

Only when the water in the big river is high will the small river rise. - Chinese proverb

Community is essential for the health and success of individuals just as the development of individuals is essential for the cultivation of community.

Like the concept of the Chinese yin/yang or the Kemetic Duat, (lightness/darkness, up/down, male/female, cold/hot) both the individual and community must exist and grow together.

Each feeds off the other, paves the way for the other and contains a piece of the other. Without darkness, there is no light and without a woman, there would be no man. We are all intimately connected.

This week’s reflection reminds us that when our collective efforts merge, every individual benefits.

Consider all the areas of our lives where we have responsibilities and influence: home, work, school, places of worship, friendships, etc… As we focus on group progress, we naturally improve our own lives and the lives of our family members.

This week, let’s ask ourselves some tough questions, and be honest with what we discover:

  • Do I help raise the children of the community?
  • Am I leaving the Earth in a better position for the generation behind me?
  • What have I done lately to nourish my family’s spirit?
  • How can I mentor/volunteer/organize/donate?
  • How can I help care for the elderly in the community?

If we all attempt to do our best now, we are bound to create a ripple effect for many generations to come. 💕

Remember to write this reflection down somewhere and allow our amazing products to create a meditative space for this daily reflection.

    How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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