January 21, 2020

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Reflect & Evolve

"Nothing has ever happened in the past." - Eckhart Tolle

We all have the ability to alter our reality by choosing what to focus our thoughts on. We can choose to re-play past circumstances that cause us grief, or we can choose to truly live in the now.

This week's reflection is a simple reminder that our past has little bearing on what our future has in store.

Dwelling on "what-could-have-been" or "what-if " serves no purpose. It blocks your potential for action/resolve today and tomorrow. Reflect on it, learn from it and move forward.

By focusing less on what happened in the past and more on how you choose to live your life in the present, we begin to see the power we hold in creating the now.

This week, if a past thought creeps in, shut it down just as quickly as it comes in. Remind yourself that your presence here and now is required for your health and happiness. Then, smile.

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