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  • If You Can't Stop Thinking About It

    March 25, 2021

    coffee mug with inspirational words on paper

    Reflect & Evolve

    "If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it." - unknown author

    We receive signs from the universe daily. These signs are unique to our own individual experiences and may appear in different forms.

    Most often, they appear in our mind in the form of thoughts. Our thoughts are the most valuable tool we possess. They have the power to create an abundant and prosperous reality, or one of hardship and despair.

    This week's reflection is an inspirational quote reminding us that intention is best when accompanied with action.

    Our thoughts set our intentions. In each new stage of our life, our intention may be different. When our thoughts are free of negativity, we open ourselves to positive intention. This allows us to see our purpose clearly and we begin to walk and talk in that purpose.

    Set your intention today!

    Find a quiet space alone. Spray our Spirit Cleanse Aromatherapy Spray over your head and allow the aroma to envelope your aura. Clear your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself: What are the spirits/God/the Universe telling me? Take a moment to pause and reflect on what immediately comes to mind. Write it down and map out a plan on how you can see it thru.

    If something consistently comes to mind, who knows, it may be the path you were intended to take in this life. Be brave, give it a shot and once you do, don't stop working for it.

      Remember to write this reflection down somewhere and allow our amazing products to create a meditative space for this daily reflection.

      How did this reflection resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

      Living mindfully takes practice and we're here to support you! Our holistic skincare was formulated to connect your mind, body and spirit with pure ingredients and positive intention. 

      Allow the divine aromas of our natural soaps, natural moisturizers, and aromatherapy sprays to elevate your routine to a whole new level! Never tried holistic skincare before? You're in for a real treat! Shop Now.

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