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Don't Have Time to Meditate? Do These 5 Things Instead!

“We tend to think of meditation in only one way. But life itself is a meditation.” – Raul Julia, Actor

These days it’s common to hear about morning rituals. You know, the idea of dedicating 30 to 60 minutes each morning to prayer, meditation, journaling, intentional bathing and other self-care practices.

The idea is to find activities that nurture your spirit and refresh your soul. You don’t need to block out special time for mediation. Your daily routine can become your meditation practice. Read on for 5 practical tasks you can do daily when you feel there's no time to meditate.

5 Things to Do When You Don’t Have Time to Meditate

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The common factor in all daily mindfulness practices is to be fully focused and aware of your physical surroundings. Pause in the moment, become conscious of your thoughts and release fully to the experience. 

Intentional Bathing Routine: Grab a bar of aromatherapy soap for an ideal affair. Set your intention before stepping in (for example, you could say "Shower me with abundance and release all my fears"). As you bathe, pay close attention to the water’s temperature. How does the water feel as it hits your skin? Feel the texture of your hair as you run your fingers through. What does the soap feel like as you lather your body? Take slow, deep inhalations as you take in the aromas of the essential oils. Can you feel your worries rinsing away with the lather? Relax and appreciate this private, sacred space that doubles as a meditative practice.

Mindful Eating Practices: You’ll want to give your meal 100% attention rather than worrying about bills and deadlines. No watching tv, no texting, no reading - be fully present in the moment. While eating, think about the textures, tastes, colors, and shapes of your food. Observe your food as you grab it with your fork, feel your teeth grind down each bite and swallow purposefully. Each bite becomes an act of self love. More on mindful eating.

man mindful eating outside

Immerse Yourself in Nature: Walking your dog and weeding your lawn can all be excellent ways to meditate. You can cultivate mindfulness practices while doing regular chores outside, like shoveling, gardening, and cutting the grass. Think about how the sun feels on your skin, smell the air filled with lavender, and hear the birds singing.

Meditate While Commuting: First, power down your laptop and mute your cell phone. Turn on peaceful, relaxing music or skip the headphones altogether and opt for the sounds of the journey instead. Actively listen to the sound of your car splashing through puddles or the chatter of other commuters while riding the bus. You can watch the passing landscape outside of your car windows. Or focus on the sway and clicks of the train as you ride to work. Each mile traveled becomes a devoted moment towards your meditation journey.

woman resting on train while practicing mindfulness

Movement Meditation: Meditation doesn’t have to be done while sitting still. You can meditate while doing any physical movement, like jogging, biking, walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, or golfing. In fact, any action, if done mindfully can become a part of your practice including household chores like laundry, the dishes and washing the floor. Consciously focus on how your body feels as you move and how your breath supports your efforts. Connect with your spirits in the moment. Clear your mind and become one with the motion. 

As you’ve learned today, meditation isn’t just about sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat for hours. You can find many daily meditation practices that don’t require you to carve time out of your hectic schedule. Rather you can look for ways to infuse meditation and mindfulness while going about your day. 

Ready to practice intentional bathing? Try our holistic skincare today! 

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