Creating Community Around Living Mindfully

March 10, 2021

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A modern American lifestyle can be thrilling with so many technological advancements, innovative art and culture, and more disposable income than in past generations.

Yet lots of people feel that our contemporary way of life can also be extremely draining, hectic, and lonely.

When we finally get a pause in our day, we start to daydream about all the things we should really be doing with our time on earth. We might even wonder if there’s life beyond deadlines, taxes, and chores. (All these thoughts are enough to stress us out even more!)

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While we’re stuck in the school drop-off line or another boring meeting, our hearts whisper: What about starting that community service program? Should we begin marathon training or wait until next year? Why haven’t we made time to visit grandma lately?

The desire for fulfillment and connection is usually why people are drawn to yoga, martial arts, meditation, dream analysis, breathing exercises, and a host of other “conscious living” activities.

Mindfulness is the foundation of these practices and often viewed as a possible path to enlightenment. So, where should we begin?

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Practice Daily Mindful Living

Mindful living doesn’t mean always being peaceful or perfect. Mindfulness is about taming self-judgement and discovering that which stirs our souls. Setting aside time for self-care is a great first step in practicing daily mindful living. Each day that we pause to enjoy the moment, we are practicing gratitude and refreshing the spirit.

Often when we practice consciousness, we’re better able to connect with our co-workers, friends, and family members. The usual feelings of stress and anxiety can lessen so that we can give loved ones our full attention, listening compassionately and enjoying our interactions.

Arguably the single most powerful thing you could do to encourage mindful living within your family, starting tomorrow, is to set aside time for group meditation. A simple 5 minute meditation, together with your housemates, can strengthen your family bond, create a sense of household peace, and instill a solid value in your children that reflection and rest is important. 

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Connect with Other People Committed to Consciousness

Once people become more confident with consciousness practices, it’s a good idea to connect with other like-minded individuals. Often, we can follow mindfulness accounts or mindfulness hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Another option is to seek out mindful living classes, webinars, books clubs, and podcasts for even more insight and support. Our mindfulness will continue to evolve and strengthen by working with others.

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Also, begin to seek out and support local or family businesses in the mindful or holistic field. With so many options to choose from, you could begin by making the simple switch to holistic skincare, add in a holistic dentist, support your local herbalist and subscribe to a conscious community publication.

The more you connect with other conscious lifestyle businesses and people, the more you will begin to create your personal, mindful living community. 

Bring Mindfulness to Local Community Organizations

Mindful living practices often lead to passionate hobbies and pursuits which can be beneficial to our neighborhoods. For instance, we may be excited by organic gardening. By sharing our green thumbs with local community gardening programs, we are nourishing ourselves while also contributing to the greater good. Bring your mindfulness to a variety of local charities or community projects.

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In the race to get ahead, we often lose sight of our humanness and forget to nourish our souls through holistic methods. Who doesn’t yearn to carve out some peace and quiet from the 24/7 deluge of social media, world news reports, and work/family demands?

The solution to this dilemma may be as easy as creating community through mindful living.

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