October 30, 2019

river flowing through forest

Reflect & Evolve

Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows. - Native American proverb

Have you ever said, "I should have listened to my gut." or "I should have trusted my feeling about that."?

In times like those, we feel the unfavorable effects of not going with our intuition. Maybe logic took over our initial reaction. Maybe it was fear that consumed our thoughts. Regardless, we chose the wrong path.

Conversely, have you ever felt in your entire spirit that something was right. You couldn't exactly put your finger on it, but you were sure in your heart that you should do it/say it/turn that way/etc... How did that experience turn out? 

This week's proverb offers a poetic reminder to connect to the undercurrent of life itself. 

Intuition is a gift granted to every person alive. Becoming in touch with that intuition and trusting ourselves to follow it, however, can be a challenge. 

Just like exercise for our bodies, our intuition needs regular attention. This week, let's take time to step back from the loudness of life and listen to what the silence has to say.

When we strengthen the connection we have to this natural wisdom, we may find ourselves more prepared to listen to our hearts when it matters most.

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