DOlencias Crema para articulaciones a base de hierbas


Abrace el poder terapéutico de la naturaleza con Ailments Herbal Joint Cream.

Esta crema totalmente natural de acción rápida aprovecha la potencia de 10 hierbas y aceites esenciales para ayudar a su cuerpo a combatir el dolor, la rigidez y la inflamación.

No es sólo una crema, es una ruta para recuperar su estilo de vida activo sin el retraso de las molestias en las articulaciones.

Deja que la naturaleza sea el alimento que tu cuerpo necesita.

How to Use

As a Natural Remedy: Massage a pea-sized amount as often as needed directly on the skin where your body hurts. Many agree before bed and when you wake up is best for day-long relief.

Store out of sunlight and use within 6 months.

Hot Shipping Warning - Our creams are very heat sensitive (due to their unrefined ingredients). Order a cold shipping kit during hot weather to prevent melting.


Infused with 10 herbs and essential oils known for their physically-supportive benefits.

Has been shown (in hundreds of customers) to improve joint stiffness, muscle tightness, pain, arthritis, and poor circulation.

  • Custom blend of herbs to help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Proprietary blend of essential oils to help restore the body back to balance.
  • Not a "cover-up" like other pain creams.
  • Does NOT have an offensive odor that lingers.
  • Best results when used over time to give the body what it needs to repair itself.
Scent Profile

A minty, subtly spicy, refreshing aroma with a soothing herbal-sweet finish.

Peppermint's menthol aroma is the star of the show with cinnamon and ginger offering a sharp spice note. Lavender and chamomile round out the "harshness" of the medicinal scents with a gentle floral fragrance. Finally, the remaining herbs and oils bring a sweet-herbal touch that reminds you this is a powerful natural remedy.

"Honestly I use Ailments everyday from my shoulders to my feet. I love the smell and because it's as moisturizing as it is restorative, I just use it all over like a lotion. Keeps me moving freely!" - Evelyn W.


100% Pure, Natural, Ingredients

Grass-fed tallow (why tallow?), unrefined shea butter*, calendula-steeped jojoba oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, local beeswax*, essential oil blend of eucalyptus*, peppermint*, ginger*, wintergreen*, cinnamon*, lavender* and chamomile*, herbal blend of: turmeric root*, yarrow flower* and white willow bark,* (infused into jojoba oil for 8 weeks, then strained), vitamin e oil*, and good vibes.

* indicates certified organic ingredient

No preservatives. No parabens. No artificial fragrances.

Why? Because purity is our highest priority!

3.4oz jar of goodness

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