It's Time to Up Your Shower Game

woman lathering her neck and body with Nefertem bar soaps


Formulated for your face, body, hair, and for shaving. Versatile & effective all-in-one bar that lasts!

spread of natural ingredients used to make Nefertem bar soap

100% natural ingredients

Moisture-rich and free from artificial dyes & fragrances. No parabens, sulfates or junk!

Nefertem bar soap with lather on wooden table


Extended cure times plus twice the essential oils for a lather...and aroma... that endures your toughest days.

bowl of freshly rendered grass-fed beef tallow for skin

Tallow makes the best soap

Ask your grandma... tallow delivers a longer-lasting bar of soap that doesn't dry out your skin. FYI - we source our tallow from ethically-raised, grass-fed cattle. Learn more.

Voted Best Soaps Ever

No worries, we got you

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