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Entra en un mundo de calma con el Dream Aroma Spray de Nefertem.

Este elixir totalmente natural es una potente mezcla de aceites esenciales puros y agua de luna llena que eleva tus sentidos a un estado de tranquilidad.

Ya sea que se use como spray para la almohada para un sueño reparador o se aplique al cuerpo y la ropa para obtener un aroma tentador, garantiza la paz sin ningún ingrediente tóxico.

No es simplemente otro aroma; es una invitación a experimentar la potencia de la naturaleza en su forma más pura.


Full-moon water; essential oil blend of lavender, German chamomile, orange, and vetiver; witch hazel; quartz crystal chips & good vibes.

Use within one year of purchase.

4oz Spray

How & Where to Use

Best used as a pillow spray or for stressful situations (as a body spray).

Shake well before every use to disperse the oils into the water. Then, spray liberally on your skin and clothes, just like you would perfume.

Spray Anywhere - Spray on bed linens, curtains, and other fabrics in your home, workspace, vehicle or anywhere higher vibes are calling, just like you would a room spray.

Does not leave oil stains or residue. Will not damage clothes or fabrics.


More than an aroma; it's a holistic approach to well-being.

  • Offers a relaxing aroma to encourage deep, restful sleep.
  • Creates a tranquil atmosphere wherever you are.
  • Sprayed on the body, can help ease stressful or anxiety-filled situations.
  • Transforms your everyday routine into an intentional act of self-care.
  • Provides a soothing aroma that resonates with your daily purpose.
  • Infuses positive energy into any environment without the use of toxic ingredients.
Scent Profile

A heady, floral aroma with a mellow, citrus, apple-ish finish that lingers atop your pillow.

Lavender brings floral to the front with orange's citrus notes a close second, followed by chamomile's apple-like hint that begs a peaceful, deep breath to take it all in.


Ease your mind into a dreamlike state, rejuvenate your spirits, and peacefully connect with the present moment with Dream Natural Perfume.

Helpful for those who may struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, who may feel overwhelmed by life's responsibilities or feel disconnected from spirit..

Supports the Crown Chakra - governs spirituality and unity, enlightenment, faith, awareness of the present, and surrender.

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