Strength Tallow Body Butter


Strength Tallow Body Butter

Luxurious Artisan Body Butter
made with Organic Oils and Grass-fed Beef Tallow

Net Weight 3.40 ounces

Natural Body Care

Our Strength Tallow Body Butter was developed to hydrate dry, cracked skin while allowing the vital essences of the powerful botanicals to absorb deep into your skin. This tallow body butter does not create a harmful barrier on your skin as does many petroleum-based lotions in today's marketplace. Rather, it contains ingredients similar to our own skin's oil, known to improve radiance and glow almost immediately.

This natural moisturizer is very concentrated and can last a long time. It can be used on the whole body, including the face as the ingredients are not known to clog the pores. Within 5-10 minutes, the oils will absorb deep into the layers of your skin, leaving no greasy feeling, just pure, clean moisture that will last all day. Because the ingredients in this body butter are the least refined and purest form possible, your skin will enjoy the rich blend of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins intended by nature and not commonly found in modern day skin care.

The aroma of this cream is a bright green and lemony with a sweet, rich, woody, balsamic undertone. May Chang (similar scent as lemongrass) is from the pepper fruit of an evergreen tree native to Indonesia, China and Taiwan. This fine essential oil is prized for its use in medicine and as a culinary spice. It is believed to alleviate stress and anxiety which may lead to depression. It is also said to benefit acne and oily skin. Patchouli is also thought to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. It is also all about strength and balance. Patchouli has a history of use as a grounding oil with the effect of healing our disconnection within our bodies, as such, it has also been referred to as a natural aphrodisiac. Cedarwood is considered fortifying, strengthening and toning for the energetic body. It also has been used to improve acne, oily skin and dandruff. These three amazing oils come together as a perfectly balanced aromatic and energetic blend. 

The above is worded in such a way as to not make any actual claims about the oil's benefits, as restricted by the FDA. Please research the individual ingredients to see what benefits they offer and work to develop a relationship with the oils so you can make the judgement call yourself. Give Nature a try and see what she can do for you! 


  • Triple-Purified (by us) Grass fed tallow
  • Unrefined Grade A Shea Butter
  • Golden Organic Jojoba oil
  • Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil
  • Yellow Beeswax
  • May Chang Essential Oil (very similar to lemongrass)
  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil (soy based)
  • 100% Positive Intention

Fats are Essential

Fats are the building blocks for every cell membrane in the body, provide energy, help us absorb minerals, carry a wealth of vitamins. Beef fat, otherwise known as tallow, resists rancidity and is shelf-stable making it an ideal choice for cooking AND skincare.

Compatible To Our Skin

Tallow contains the same fats or lipids found in healthy, supple human skin. Lipids are found in abundance in the membrane of every cell in our bodies. They are responsible for the free flowing of materials in and out of our cells.

They are beneficial because they create a protective, yet permeable barrier that prevents infection, maintains moisture, flexibility and structure of the cell.

Tallow, therefore, is able to absorb deep within the layers of the skin, preventing dryness at the cellular level without suffocating the skin's barrier as does petroleum-based lotions.

Benefits of Tallow Skincare:

  • Skin retains moisture, stiffness, and strength
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help prevent infection
  • Aides in repairing damaged tissue
  • Improves the barrier function of skin cells naturally
  • Restores healthy, youthful looking skin
  • Replenishes the building blocks of our cells that decreases with age

The source of tallow is just as important as the tallow itself. Grass-fed tallow contains a wealth of nutrients due its to strict pasture-grazed diet. In contrast, factory-farmed cows are exposed to toxin-filled steroids, artificial hormones and antibiotics.

Tallow from Grass-fed Cattle

    • Rich in essential fatty acids
    • Loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K
    • Natural antioxidant
    • Contains CLA, known to reduce cancer cells

Nefertem Naturals™ offers natural products that bring the power of nature into daily routine. Our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients possible that are primarily organic, but if organic is unavailable to us, ethically wild-harvested, fair-trade or locally sourced.

We love what we do and hope you can appreciate the time and energy we put into every detail of our work from our research into the highest quality ingredients to our hand-wrapped packaging -- we even hand-render our grass fed tallow ourselves! Learn more about us. 

Though our products don't promise to change the world, our products and how we make them, symbolize the change we wish to see in the world. Thank you for choosing to support our small, family business. We appreciate you!

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Product Reviews

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Steep price but worth every cent
Written by Dani on 31st Aug 2017

I recently visited your booth at the College of Dupage and really liked what you had to say about the tallow and the oils for my skin. I was initially shocked by the steep price but went with my gut and bought it anyway. I can't believe how well it is smoothing out my skin and making it more firm. The crepe skin under my arms has started toning up. I am grateful that you offer this cream and I am happy I chose to buy it when I did.

wonderful smell and very creamy
Written by Serena on 10th Aug 2017

I have tried every kind of store bought, farmer's market bought and friend bought lotion and cream the world has for sale. I have NEVER enjoyed any of them as much as I enjoy this body butter from Nefertem Naturals. As soon as I put it on my skin it was so creamy and moisturizing. It was like my skin just soaked it right up and said thank you! I get compliments all the time now about how shiny and even my skin looks even hours after I have put it on. This is the best cream I have ever found and I will NEVER buy something else. I thank you for creating such an amazing moisturizer and don't ever stop making it ok!!

Written by Patricia N. on 24th May 2017

This body butter is so creamy and rich, I'm saying it's heavenly! It is the perfect smell for the summer or for any time you need a little pick-me-up. It's very invigorating and refreshing. I like how it goes on so soft and smooth and soaks in quickly. I can put it on right after my shower and within a few minutes, it's all soaked in and lasts all day. Truly the best moisturizer I have ever used.