Simply Lavender Bar Soap


With a rich, creamy lather, this luxurious bar soap is a fine example of artisan craftsmanship.

This soap in particular has a hypnotic sweet, floral scent with an herbaceous undertone. It is energetically relaxing, repairing and soothing.

Ingredients: Grass-fed tallow (hand-rendered by me and progressively filtered to minimize scent); organic extra virgin olive oil; organic coconut oil; purified water; sodium hydroxide; organic castor oil; lavender essential oil; organic unrefined shea butter; white kaolin clay(mineral colorant); alkanet root powder (herbal colorant); pink kaolin clay (mineral colorant); and positive intention (100% pure).

Great for face, body, hair AND shaving!

The clay makes a smooth glide for shaving and helps draw impurities from the skin. Clay is also said to replace missing minerals in the skin.

Even in hard water this soap lathers extremely well and will last for weeks if left to dry in between uses.

It is very rich and creamy and helps skin maintain hydration naturally. Because this soap does not dry out your skin, it makes an excellent all natural face wash, even for those with ultra-sensitive skin, acne, eczema or other skin ailment.

This soap is definitely considered an aromatherapy tool as the aroma is very powerful and uplifting. We use twice the industry standard of essential oils per pound which truly provides an aromatic experience like no other!

Nefertem Naturals mission is to bring the power of nature into daily routine and our products do just that!

*It is the nature of Nature to not duplicate herself exactly, therefore, our nature-derived soaps will also vary in appearance*

net weight 3.75 oz.

Why Use Tallow in Your Skin Care Routine?

Because there's NOTHING like it. Tallow (only grass fed tallow is as follows, conventionally farmed cows do not contain the following benefits, in fact, their fat is loaded with pesticides, hormones and GMO grain) is rich in vitamins A, D, E (a powerful antioxidant) and K, CLA (antitumor properties) and anti-microbial palmitoleic acid.

Our skin is biologically compatible with tallow in that they both contain 50-55% saturated fats (yes, these are the good fats) which help maintain skin cell integrity and tone. Tallow and sebum (the oily secretion of our skin's sebaceous glands) consist primarily of triglycerides which allow for easy absorption of nutrients even while bathing. 

Tallow has been used for thousands of years by the most advanced civilizations in the world. It was only around the 1950's that tallow was vilified by the vegetable oil producers and then quickly left our diets and skin care routines. Fortunately for us, modern scientific research is proving how beneficial grass fed tallow is for our diets and skincare regiment. We are now seeing the shift back to tallow. Learn more about grass fed tallow.


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Product Reviews

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My favorite
Written by Bridgette Hagedorn on 18th Dec 2017

I love every product nefertem naturals has to offer but this is by far my favorite soap. Leaves your skin smooth and very good for sensitive skin.

Simply Lavender Bar Soap
Written by Brigit on 11th Aug 2017

If you love lavender, you are going to want to use this soap all the time. The scent is so wonderful, it lathers up so nice and again, it leaves your skin so soft.

Relaxing and Creamy
Written by Violet on 28th Jul 2017

Very creamy natural soap that makes my skin feel great. I use this during the day or at night because it helps me relax and takes away some of my anxiety. I love lavender essential oil by itself but even more in this soap. It lasts a long time in the shower. For me, one bar of soap will last 5 weeks. Great value for your money and the quality is very evident.

Lavender in Love with...
Written by Vicki on 17th Dec 2016

Love it so much prefect for me...

Written by mai on 26th Mar 2016

Using the lavender soap is especially soothing after a long day at work.I initially started using the TLC soap for the eczema on my knees but couldn't wait to use the lavender. I believe it is slowly helping the eczema (now if I can only stop scratching if I have a flare up!). Customer service is exceptional. Thank you!

simply delicious...
Written by james haynes on 20th Mar 2015

Simply lavender is, well... simply delicious. since the day my soap arrived I've been using it along with friends and family. We all love this soap and will be purchasing more. it feels good on the skin ,so soothing...relaxing I can't say enough about it. Keep on doing what your doing, you have a great product, great customer service at an affordable price. thank you Brittany for making life just a bit more relaxing in my little corner of the world.

Simply Lavender
Written by Brigit on 26th Jan 2015

All my reviews will ultimately be the same. This is the best soap I have ever used. The scent stays with the bar of soap till you are down to the very tiniest piece and it is so conditioning to your skin. Knowing that everything about this soap is natural, made the way it was made 100 years ago, makes it even better.

most soothing and wonderful aroma
Written by margaret on 7th Dec 2014

I was ordering this soap for Christmas gifts....and got an extra for me. The very first thing is the wonderful aroma I get to experience everytime I walk in the bathroom. This soap leaves your skin silky if you applied lotion. I love,love,love it!!!!!!

The best lavender soap I have ever had!!!
Written by undefined on 15th Aug 2014

Nice aromatherapy quality. I've had other bars of soap that claim to be essential oil soaps but didn't have enough smell to them to constitute being able to call them essential oil soaps. This bar does. When I use it, it smells up the whole bathroom like lavender. Wonderful!!!