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RELEASE Aromatherapy Spray by Nefertem

RELEASE Aromatherapy Spray by Nefertem

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This bright, refreshing blend aides in removing emotional blockages from the past, liberating emotions that no longer serve you; setting your inner child free! Strengthens the spirit.

Raise Your Vibration Naturally with Aromatherapy Sprays by Nefertem

4 oz. bottle with mister spray cap.


Each bottle contains 7 clear quartz crystals that assist in spiritual awareness and amplify the effects of each essential oil. Considered the master of all healing crystals, clear quartz has the power to cleanse the mind of negative thought patterns and purify the aura.

Aromatherapy At Your Fingertips

Relax in a natural atmosphere and envelope your body with powerful vibrations. Enjoy this aromatherapy spray on your body, clothes, around your home, at the office or in your car. 

Scent enjoyed by men and women alike. Natural alternative to synthetic cologne and perfumes. 

Organic Ingredients

100% pure, certified organic essential oils with a heavy dose of positive intention.

  • full moon-infused, purified water
  • organic witch hazel extract
  • organic bergamot essential oil
  • organic cedarwood essential oil
  • organic may chang essential oil
  • positive intention

How to Use Aromatherapy Sprays

Just shake vigorously, spray liberally on all fabrics in home, car or office and let the essential oils do the rest.

For a quick spritz of invigoration, simply spray above your head and allow the aroma to shower you while taking deep, cleansing breaths. 

Freedom in an Amber Glass Bottle

  • No artificial fragrances
  • No parabens or dyes
  • No preservatives
  • Alcohol-free

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Laura B.
United States

Ailments joint cream

Absolutely love the Ailments joint cream! I bought an extra jar to have on hand. My shoulder pain instantly feels better once applied and lasts along time. My husband uses it on his back and it is amazing and he feels the relief right away as well! We have tried all the oils and over the counter products and nothing compares. We have discovered this is a product we cannot live without!



I am so excited and feeling very blessed that they chose me to be the first to smell it. I actually won a free bottle in their free product raffle last month. Now that it's live on their website I can tell you how I feel about it. THIS SPRAY IS DIVINE! That's my honest opinion. It has a nice rose smell to it, but you can pick up a scent of every one of the essential oils in it. Very well blended and balanced. Not for men, just for women, but I believe men would go crazy over a woman wearing this aroma! Now go get a bottle. These people are AWESOME people and they deserve your business! *hugs*