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MANIFEST Intention Kit

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Sold Out. Will Return March 21st of 2025.

With a hypnotizing, wild, floral aroma and a touch of sweet citrus bliss, this skincare collection promises to transport you to a blooming world of confidence and self-love!

Supports the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Say goodbye to winter's lackluster skin and hello to spring's dewy, radiant, healthy glow! But hurry, this limited edition collection sells out FAST!

✔️bar of soap 🫧
✔️face & body moisturizer 🌿
✔️lip balm 👄
✔️aroma spray 💦
✔️ebook that teaches the secrets to unlocking your full potential 📙

Very limited quantities. Released March 21st each year. Once this spring skincare collection is gone, it's gone until next year!  

Grab yours now!

Scent Profile

A hypnotizing, wild, floral aroma with a lively, dewy, sweet citrus top and a tenacious, balmy, wine-like finish.


100% Pure, Natural, Ingredients (90% organic)

Essential Oil Blend for all (except lip balm): coriander*, clary sage*, lemon*, frankincense*, and ylang ylang*

Moisturizer: grass-fed tallow (why tallow?), unrefined shea butter*, coconut oil*, local beeswax, jojoba oil*, essential oil blend, vitamin e oil*, and good vibes.

Soap: Full-moon water, grass-fed tallow, extra virgin olive oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, food-grade sodium hydroxide (a required catalyst to producing soap - not found in final product), castor oil*, unrefined shea butter*, annatto seed*, rose clay, white clay, essential oil blend, and good vibes.

Spray: Full-moon water; essential oil blend; witch hazel; quartz crystal chips & good vibes.

Lip Balm: Grass-fed tallow, local beeswax, jojoba oil*, orange* and geranium* essential oils, vitamin e oil*, and good vibes.

* indicates certified organic ingredient

No preservatives. No parabens. No artificial fragrances or colors.

Why? Because purity is our highest priority!

What's Included
  • 3.6 oz Jar of Manifest Moisturizer
  • 4 oz Bottle of Manifest Aroma Spray
  • 4 oz Bar of Manifest Soap
  • Orange Geranium Lip Balm
  • Inspiring guide on how to get the most out of your kit with positive affirmations, crystal suggestions, chakra descriptions, and more!
How to Use


🙏🏽 1. Breathe and Relax: Take a deep breath, set your intention, and step into the shower.

💧 2. Cleanse and Refresh: Let the rich, aromatic lather cleanse your body and soul, washing your worries away.

💗 3. Nourish and Soothe: Step out, dry off, and find a quiet moment to lovingly massage our cream into your arms, legs, and spirit.

💦 4. Embrace and Smile: Glide the lip balm over your lips, blow yourself a kiss, and know that today is going to be a great day!


100% natural ingredients for an elevated skincare routine; purposefully formulated to feed your skin + nourish your soul.

  • Powerful tool for personal development and self-love.
  • Aroma spray offers peaceful aromas that renew + refresh.
  • Moisturizer hydrates your skin, leaving you with a healthy, radiant glow.
  • Long-lasting bar soap washes your worries away to welcome a new attitude.
  • Soothing lip balm leaves lips feeling soft, supple and smooth.

Supports the solar plexus chakra - responsible for will power, personality, self-esteem, ego, setting clear boundaries, and healthy ambitions.

Improve Confidence and Strengthen Self-Esteem

  • Find faith in your own abilities
  • Release procrastination in favor of purposeful action
  • Discover a new level of self-worth and confidence

Perfect for those lacking motivation to achieve their goals or those who may suffer from low self-esteem.

Hot Weather Warning!

Our tallow skincare products are heat sensitive because we use only the purest, unrefined ingredients.

To keep them in perfect condition, please order a cold shipping kit during hot weather.

No worries, we got you

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