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organic body butter cold kit

Cold Shipping Kit - Prevent Body Butters and Balms from Melting

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Our body butters are heat sensitive and can easily melt in warmer temperatures. From May thru October, we strongly recommend ordering one of these Cold Shipping Kits with your body butter order to minimize the risk of melting.

In addition, we strongly recommend choosing the FedEx 2-day shipping option during checkout to expedite your order arrival. 

We also encourage you to ship to a location where someone will be present to accept the package. If left to sit in the hot sun for hours, the body butter can still melt even if this cold shipping kit has been ordered

How it Works

When you order this kit, the contents of this kit will be used to pack your order. Your body butters will be wrapped in padding to prevent breakage, then placed inside the thermal box liner along with the gel cold packs, then placed inside a shipping box and sealed.

Even if you select FedEx 2-Day shipping, all orders containing body butters will be shipped Monday thru Wednesday to prevent them from sitting in a hot shipping warehouse over the weekend. 2-Day shipping is the length of time it will take to ship as soon as your package is delivered to FedEx. Tracking information is provided for every order.

This kit includes:

  1. Thermal Insulated Box Liner
  2. 2 Reusable, Moisture-Resistant, Non-toxic, Cold Gel Packs

We encourage you to reuse these gel packs to prevent them from being tossed into the landfills. Gel packs can be reused in your cooler, as a first aid tool and even in your lunch box to keep food chilled. They can also be donated to local schools, clinics and shelters. Please reuse.