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  • Clearing Kit

    Cleanse + Set Free

    A weekly clearing kit to purify your space + spirits. Comes with complete instructions on how to use each item in the kit, plus a blessing for your journey.

    This Kit Includes:

    • 4" Selenite Stick
    • 4" Palo Santo Sacred Wood
    • White Sage Bundle (responsibly grown & harvested)

    How to Use

    ❇️ Selenite

    Sweep along your body to cut energetic cords.

    🔥 Sage

    Crack window. Carefully burn over heat-safe dish, catching embers. Walk through home with smoke to cleanse negative/stale energy.

    🙏 Palo Santo

    Carefully burn one end over heat-safe dish prior to meditation. Allow the smoke to surround you, invoking your spirit guides.

    Best formed weekly after cleaning your home and intentional showering with our Intention Kits. 

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