Beautiful Spirit Tallow Body Butter - Organic Skin Moisturizer

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Elevate your spirit. Enrich your skin.

Meet Beautiful Spirit

Beautiful Spirit body butter encourages deep reflection with its grounding aroma. Drawn to you like a magnetic force, it encapsulates you with the power of spirit creating a balance of heart, mind and body. 

Net Weight 3.40 ounces - shelf-stable for up to one year

**Hot Weather Shipping Recommendation** Our body butters melt in warm temperatures. This melting does not effect the integrity of the body butter, just the texture. From May thru October, we recommend ordering a Cold Shipping Kit and choosing FedEx 2-day shipping to help prevent melting or pop it in the fridge for 1 hour as soon as you get it.

Natural Face & Body Moisturizer

Easily absorbed after your daily shower, refresh your skin with our all-over-the-body moisturizer made with organic ingredients. 

Like nothing you've ever tried, this natural skin moisturizer was cultivated to deliver hydration AND provide loving aromatherapy benefits to enhance your life!

  • Leaves your skin smooth and hydrated 
  • Very concentrated and long-lasting - you just need a DROP!
  • Intense moisture prevents dryness (even on the bottom of your feet!)
  • No greasy feel - soaks in quickly!

Highest Quality Organic Botanicals

Passionate about restoring the ways of our ancestors, the ingredients we use are grown or raised as nature intended - organically.

  • Grass fed tallow (beef fat - rendered by us to ensure quality!)
  • Unrefined Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Golden Jojoba oil
  • Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Yellow Beeswax
  • Organic Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Organic Myrrh Essential Oil
  • Organic Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil
  • Organic Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil (soy based and gluten free)
  • Positive Intention (100% Pure)

Crafted by Hand

Using time-honored techniques, we lovingly formulate and craft every product by hand, infusing positive intention and love into every jar and bar.

From our intense research to our choice of ingredients, our love and dedication to providing clean skincare products is unmatched and never-ending. Learn more about us. 

Healthy Fats Essential For Healthy Skin

Fats (or lipids) are found in abundance in our bodies and are the building blocks of every cell membrane we have. Grass fed beef tallow contains the same fats found in healthy, supple human skin oil as well as vitamins and antioxidants for optimal skin health.


  • Assists the skin in retaining moisture
  • Restores healthy, youthful looking skin
  • Replenishes the building blocks of our cells that decreases with age

The source of tallow is just as important as the tallow itself. 

We render and purify the fat we get from a husband/wife team in Colorado who have committed to raising their cattle on grass; without hormones, steroids, GMO feed or antibiotics.

Product Reviews

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Your compassion and knowledge of your products was so heartfelt.
Written by Ann Marie on 31st Oct 2017

Hello, I am so excited to receive my first order from Nefertem. I had tried the butters at a recent holistic fair in North Olmsted Ohio and was so amazed at the moisturizing and therapeutic qualities these butters have to offer. The scents of the soap were also very uplifting. It was a true pleasure meeting you. Your compassion and knowledge of your products was so heartfelt.

This body butter is ridiculous!
Written by Amanda on 31st Aug 2017

Got my order today....that body butter is ridiculous!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

Tallow Body Butter
Written by Brigit on 11th Aug 2017

I have never used a lotion that I liked until I came across Nefertem Naturals body butters.

Love the Scent
Written by Mary Ellen on 10th Aug 2017

I love the way this body butter smells even hours after I have put it on my skin. I get compliments about it regularly. The way it smooths my skin is another feature I love. I can literally feel it soaking into my skin within minutes. It makes my skin smooth and silky to the touch. I am so thrilled I found this product and will never go back to lotion from the store that is full of junk and doesn't even work right.

Written by Felicia on 28th Jul 2017

This moisturizer is heavenly with its scent and how it makes my skin feel. Amazing texture, powerful aroma and because its totally natural, I feel great using it anytime. Using it before bed can lead to the best sleep ever. When I use it during the day, I get compliments from everyone. They say "what are you smells so good" I love it!