Texture Changes In Body Butter

Our products are 100% natural, therefore, natural elements, such as temperature fluctuations, can affect our products. Below are three images showing a change in texture that regularly occurs in our body butters because of the finicky nature of shea butter. We like to show what this "beady" texture change looks like to try to provide you with the most upfront experience BEFORE you choose to purchase a body butter from us. We DO NOT use chemicals, synthetic stabilizers or emulsifiers, therefore, the natural behavior of the completely pure ingredients reigns supreme. And we're not alone. Many formulators of natural products such as fine chocolates and unrefined shea butter creams share in our frustration. 

But in the end, this minor change, which is easily fixed by melting the body butter in the palms of your hands before applying it to your skin or melting it in a double boiler then freezing it (directions here), is a reasonable trade-off to ensure that what you put on your skin is as natural as natural gets. And don't worry...the nourishing and moisturizing benefits are not affected by this texture change. 

Here goes....

tallow body butter

The image above shows the inside of the jar of a texture-changed tallow body butter (about 1/4 of the jar had already been used before the change occurred). Do you see the little beads of shea butter fats?

tallow body butter

This image shows the texture change on my finger...  

body butter on skin

And this image above shows the texture change on my arm when I DID NOT melt the tallow body butter in the palm of my hands. Within seconds, those little beads melt and soak right into your skin along with the rest of the cream.

Now if you're a texture person and want to eliminate them altogether, follow the directions here to melt the tallow body butter in a double boiler. This eliminates the shea butter beads and brings back the smooth, creamy texture you fell in love with at first use! 

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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