Sensitive Skin Soap Month Long Experiment


At a recent holistic festival in Northern Colorado, I came across a lady who explained how sensitive her and her daughter's skin was. She said she had been using a store bought soap for sensitive skin ever since she could remember because anything else would cause severe rashes.

I explained how store bought soaps market "sensitive skin" only because they are fragrance-free, not because they contain any beneficial ingredients designed to help alleviate the symptoms associated with sensitive skin. I told her that most store bought soaps contain a slew of extremely harmful chemicals that can actually cause skin problems themselves and throw a females hormones out of balance, thus causing more damage.

She was very leery of my position, so I gave her a bar of our Goat's Milk and Honey Sensitive Skin Unscented Soap and asked her to do an experiment for me. I asked her to use only our soaps for exactly one month (of course with a skin test on her arm first, and not to try it on her daughter until she was sure it wouldn't cause harm), then contact me with her results. 

The results are in...

Peggy Matthews emailed me yesterday and had this to say about our Goat's Milk Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar Soap,

"I am a believer! When I first met you, I appreciated how knowledgeable you were about your products and natural skin care in general, but I know my body and know what it does with regular soaps, so, as you know, I was not exactly convinced that your soap would be any different. As I was telling you, I couldn't even use my favorite lotion (even though it is completely natural) because of the reaction my skin would have and I never could quite understand it. Well, after using the soap you gave me (thanks again btw that was very generous of you), I had no reaction whatsoever. 

The first time I used it, I was impressed by how much it bubbled up and how silky the bubbles felt. I didn't get that squeaky feeling after I rinsed it off like I do with my D*v* soap from the store. Usually, I have to rinse and then rub my skin some more to kind of take away that feeling like there is something left on it. With your soaps, it felt like it washed my skin, put moisturizer into it and then rinsed away completely. Like it was almost lotion soap but with no weird after film. 

After your requested 30 day challenge (my family was affectionately calling it) I can tell you that I have had ABSOLUTELY NO SKIN PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER! I went and bought a bottle of my favorite lotion (again, all natural and mostly shea butter) and have been using it for 3 days now without a problem. I think the store bought soap, that claimed to be for sensitive skin, was actually causing my sensitive skin issues with other things. I think that whatever was being left on my body after washing with it, or whatever was being absorbed into my body, was causing a reaction to other things.

I'll be honest, I feel kind of dumb for not putting two and two together beforehand, but I thank you so much for educating me about the difference. I am a faithful customer now and will remain one so long as you are in business! Thank you for your wonderful product and for educating people about natural skin care!!! Your the best!"


Needless to say, after a few tears and a call to my husband to tell him the good news, I had to share this with others! Lesson learned by me, don't get caught up in your own routine. Think outside the box and don't be afraid to try new things. You might just find that those new things suit you far better than those old things! ....feeling blessed right now, Thanks Peggy!....