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Self Care

Experience the Ultimate in Self-Care

Spiritual Self-Care

At Nefertem, we thoughtfully design our products to align with your daily purpose and cultivate a positive shift in consciousness.

Each Intention Kit has been consciously crafted with 4 essential skincare products plus 4 energetic BONUS items (think crystals, affirmations...)

joy intention kit for self care
inspire intention kit for self care bathing

Consciously Cleanse

100% natural ingredients form a sacred + elevated bathing experience.

Discover your ultimate self-care ritual with these Intention Kits, enhanced with moon water, crystals, and pure essential oils.

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relaxation self care kit for ultimate bathing ritual

Calm. Nurture. Restore.

Enriched with lavender, orange, and chamomile, the Relax Intention Kit is crafted to calm & rejuvenate your spirit.

Whether you're looking to calm the mind from the demands of daily life or restore your soul in a way that encourages self-love, this Intention Kit was formulated + blessed to support you.

Invite Relaxation

Customer Love Stories

5 star review from Nefertem Customer

By Far The Best!

Luna A.

"The cream makes my skin soooo soft. The soap lathers up beautifully. The spray sets the mood for the day. This is by far the best selfcare package I've ever bought!"

5 star review from Nefertem Customer

Love it so Much!

Paige G.

"I am so happy I got the Balance kit. It's super easy to use, smells amazing & totally transforms my mood!"

5 star review from Nefertem Customer

A Must Buy!

Christina P.

"Love that this company promotes mindful bathing. Now that I do it, I can't imagine showering any other way and the Inspire Intention Kit completely changes my mood for the day!"

3 steps to self care bathing bliss

Nourish your mind + body + soul in 3 simple steps...

4 Nefertem soaps for self care showering


Release rich aromas for pure relaxation- - Our soaps are versatile to use on face + body + hair.

Quiet your mind, connect with your body and rinse away your worries.

Nefertem natural moisturizers made with pure essential oils and grass fed tallow


Indulge in deep hydration - - Made without water, alcohol, or petroleum.

Lovingly massage moisture into your arms, legs + spirit.

Nefertem crystal aroma sprays all natural perfumes


Move intention to reality with a revitalizing spray - - Crystal-infused + no artificial fragrances.

Spritz from crown chakra to foot as you breath deeply the rich aromas surrounding you.

magical me-time

Never bathe boring again! Infuse magic + intention into every shower or bath with our Signature Intention Kits. Cleansed, blessed, and activated for your highest good.

balance intention kit by nefertem holistic skincare
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