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Meet Our Team

Nefertem was established in 2012 with a mission to cultivate a positive shift in consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth. Our goal was always to strive to leave this world a bit better than we found it. The Universe has blessed us with other individuals who share a similar vision. We are grateful for their presence. 

Brittany Hogan, Founder

staff at nefertem skincare founder

Brittany has a background in traditional healing modalities including Amma Therapy, Aromatherapy, Herbalism and Crystal Therapy.

When she's not teaching classes locally on herbs, essential oils and home remedies, Brittany can be found tending to her family, writing our Reflect & Evolve weekly emails, creating Nefertem products and engulfed in books.

Brittany has dedicated much of her life to restoring natural remedies and supporting the spiritual journeys of those around her. She has been described by many as an old soul with a bright aura.

Andre Hogan, Owner

owner of nefertem holistic skin care

Andre comes to us with a passion for restoring the communities he serves. Equipped with a set of old-school values and the desire to reach back and teach others, Andre enjoys spending time mentoring and tutoring the youth.

Andre has a background in early childhood development and business management. He loves reading, spending time with his family and cooking on the grill. 

As a motivational leader, Andre is charged with inspiring a culture of positivity and excellence among the staff at Nefertem. As a forward thinker, he's always finding ways to nurture our mission and encourage growth that aligns with our core brand values. 

Shabria Knight, Content Manager

the staff at nefertem holistic skincare

Shabria is a lover of owls, journaling, baking and listening to good music while sippin’ good wine or herbal tea. She finds way too much joy in cleaning 😉 and enjoys Pilates, playing Sims 4 and thrifting.

Prior to joining the Nefertem team, Shabria served most of her years as a Nanny and Early Childhood Educator. During that time, she married her best friend, Larrie, and welcomed their three beautiful children into their lives; Kenadi, Kai and Koa.

Along the way, she discovered a passion for holistic well-being. Eliminating a lot of toxicity out of her mind, body and soul, granted her the ability to feel like a better version of herself.

As she witnessed the healing magic tucked into herbs, plants, and crystals, she began meditating and practicing yoga. From there, she began an adoration of spiritual growth, manifesting and higher frequency thinking. 

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