Why we started our business

We've always had some understanding of the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. It wasn't until having children that we became very passionate about it.

When our son was born, he developed red patches with bumps on his skin. It freaked us out and we tried eliminating everything we thought could be causing it. Turns out it was the artificial fragrance in the laundry soap....into the garbage it went....

Over time we found more ways to eliminate toxins.

This led us to a wonderful family ranch in Colorado raising grass-fed cattle.

A conversation with the wife introduced us to the concept of using cow fat, also known as tallow

Upon further research, we discovered that tallow had been used in soap and skin moisturizers for thousands of years; needless to say, we were shocked at the idea of people using animal fats on there bodies! 

We also found out that tallow is biologically compatible to sebum (our bodies natural defense against dryness). Not only does it resemble our own skin's oil, but it's LOADED with nutrients that absorb easily into the skin.

This is why we decided to give it a try.

We got busy formulating our first batch of soap, tweaked it until we got it just right and shared with friends. The feedback was encouraging. 

Then, we set our sights on developing a moisturizer. We combined our knowledge of essential oils and herbs to create unique combinations that not only hydrated the skin, but provided an aromatherapy experience.

Again, we shared and the results were AMAZING! Friends and family were so excited about how our body butters were improving the look and feel of their skin.

Since Nefertem Naturals was launched in 2012, we've remained true to our original intent--to provide pure, clean skincare products.