Finally, A Joint Cream That Works!

Ailments Herbal Joint Cream - Safe, Effective and 100% Natural

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Time-Honored Ingredients, Powerful Results

Grass Fed Tallow

Nutrient-rich tallow increases the rate of absorption due to its almost identical fatty acid profile to human skin oil.

Plant Oils

Bio-active compounds found in coconut, shea butter, jojoba, beeswax and vitamin e oil offer skin soothing properties to soften the skin.


Turmeric root, yarrow flower and white willow bark steeped in oil for 8 weeks produces strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

Essential Oils

Wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, ginger, lavender & chamomile encourage the free flow of blood and oxygen bringing essential nutrients where your joints need them.

"After only two weeks of using your Ailments Joint Cream, I noticed a significant difference in the way my knees felt. I can move more freely and I have less pain. Thank you for a great product!"


July 2018

"I was skeptical when I first purchased this herbal joint cream but I was in so much pain and surgery was not an option. After massaging into my knee joints I totally forgot that I was in pain. And it has been that way since. I make sure I massage some of the cream onto my knees before bed and the next day have no problems going up and down the stairs or walking. Definitely a believer now!"


February 2019

"Hello, I met you at a craft show that you did around Christmas and I tried your tallow lotion. It took the pain right out of my hands. I hope you carry it forever."


August 2018

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY enjoy a free .25oz sample shipped to you for only the cost of shipping ($3.50-$4.50)

Ailments Herbal Joint Cream is your solution to serious joint problems. Formulated with healing in mind, this cream can assist your body in restoring your joints naturally. Like nothing you've ever tried before, this cream has been voted the #1 natural joint pain reliever for a reason. It works!

• A natural remedy for pain, inflammation and stiffness.

• Infused with turmeric root, white willow bark and yarrow flower, known anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs.

• Contains oils proven to improve circulation and vein health.

• Improves the quality and function of the joints.

• Wonderful aroma that doesn't tell the world you have joint cream on!