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Skincare is much more than what you put on your skin. It is an opportunity to energetically connect your mind, body and spirit while transforming the look & health of your skin naturally.

Isn't it time you ELEVATE YOUR ROUTINE?

The Original Holistic Skincare Company

Pioneering an innovative approach to skincare, Nefertem was born in 2012 to raise vibrations and encourage a shift of consciousness on a global scale. Our mission is to cultivate energetic healing on a whole new level, through the use of holistic skincare.

100% Good Vibes

Certified Organic Ingredients

Made by Hand in Small Batches

Zero Artificial Ingredients

Choose Your Favorite Bundle Below


Transform your attitude joyfully with a soft, floral, holistic skincare set.

3-Piece Bundle Includes:

Transform Natural Moisturizer - Naturally relax and restore while remedying any sensitive skin concerns.

Bliss Aromatherapy Spray - Honoring your divine feminine spirit with an uplifting, hormone-balancing aroma.

Simply Lavender Soap - Rest and rejuvenate your skin and spirits while cleansing your aura.


Tone down and tune into your body with a rich, earthy, holistic skincare set.

3-Piece Bundle Includes:

ConScentual Natural Moisturizer - Connect with the Mother Earth in you while infusing your skin with life.

ConScentual Aromatherapy Spray - Harmonize the balance between feminine and masculine energy naturally.

ConScentual Soap - Calm your overactive mind while cleansing your body.


Set your spirit free to evolve with a smooth, citrusy, holistic skincare set.

3-Piece Bundle Includes:

Beautiful Spirit Natural Moisturizer - Inspiring the confidence to express your true self with support from the highest source.

Release Aromatherapy Spray - Liberate emotions that no longer serve you and set your inner child free.

Morning Clarity Soap - Feel the zing of energy as you cleanse your skin and uncloud your mind.

Raise Your Vibrations Naturally

Created with the most positive of intentions, Nefertem's products have the power to radiate on a higher frequency. This can help protect against negative vibes and open yourself up to an enhanced energetic experience.

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