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Lovingly produced by actual human hands...

Handcrafted in True Artisan Fashion

By a company committed to restoring old-school, craftmanship with a twist.

In this world of mass-produced goods, made with questionable ingredients, in factories who treat humans like robots, it's rare to find a company you can feel good about supporting.

A Company Who...

... places people and the planet over profits.
...values teaching their craft to the next generation.
...creates a positive work environment for all staff.
...treats customers like the valued human beings they are.

woman holding aroma spray while cleansing it with palo santo

meet nefertem

An independent, family-owned, holistic skincare company who values old-school craftmanship with a new-age twist.

Each Nefertem product is carefully hand-crafted, in small batches, with ingredients made by nature and happy people.

(Here's the twist)...Then, they're energetically cleansed and blessed to support the well-being of those who use them.

This infuses a sense of positive vibrancy unmatched by factory-made goods.

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happy staff doing yoga on the job

Supporting People

Our staff are more than 'workers'. They're beautiful souls offering their time in exchange for our support. We take this responsibility seriously.

This is why we maintain a healthy and empowered work environment to honor the highest good of our staff.

We do this through living wages, encouraged time off, and on-the-job activities that empower the body + mind + spirit (like yoga, juicing and group meditation).

Finally, a Company You Can Feel Good ABout

At Nefertem, it's our policy to encourage those around us to develop their character, spirit, and trade skills because we value human life.

It's equally important to us that each product made has been touched by real hands to ensure a level of quality and energy unmatched by factory-made goods.

Feel the nefertem difference

Try our hand-crafted, all natural skincare products today and feel the Nefertem difference.

handcrafted natural soap held by the hand of our founder
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