Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil


Attention all parents!!

Did you know that lavender essential oil can help produce a calm and relaxing emotional state for your children so they can fall asleep faster!! No really, rub it on their big toe and watch the infinite wisdom of mother nature at work. First the yawning, then a rub or two of the eyes, then straight to sleep.

Of course then us parents get to enjoy a little thing we like to call !Free Time! Woot-woot! Ok, maybe it won't knock the kids out with just one drop but it can be a miracle at times when it seems as though nothing will settle them down.

Lavender is part of the mint family, has a light fresh aroma, is clear in color, watery in viscosity, and is extracted from the flowering tops of the plant by steam distillation. "True Lavender" (as opposed to spike lavender, 40/42 lavender or stoechas) is the finest of all the lavender oils and is the only lavender we use in our products.


Did You Know?

Lavender or Lavandula officinalis (True Lavender) derives its name from the Latin word 'lavera' which means "to wash." History notes that many of our ancestors actually bathed with hot water, lavender buds and a soft version of today's bar soap. 



Lavender is considered generally safe; it's one of the few oils that can be used undiluted on the skin. This oil is wonderful as a single oil or blended with many other oils such as orange, patchouli and peppermint. Lavender is also one of the most widely used oils in natural skin care products as it tones and revitalizes the skin.

Because of its ability to regenerate new, healthy skin cells, lavender works quickly to heal wounds and alleviate pain from cuts, scrapes and burns. Even when applied to the skin in the form of a natural bar soap, lavender has been found to aide in repairing damaged skin cells such as acne spots, scars and wrinkles.

Above and beyond being used for calming nerves, relieving headaches, and dispelling insomnia, lavender is also used for treating a variety of bronchial issues from asthma to bronchitis to whooping cough. And if all of that isn't great enough, Lavender is FANTASTIC in handmade soap...I mean, it's only named after bathing (We might be a little biased) .

In the end, lavender has such a wide variety of uses that it truly should become a staple in the home of all who utilize natural healing remedies or anyone with children.


History of Lavender

The origin of lavender is the same as so many others: the most advanced civilization in recorded history, the Kemetic people. KMT or kemet (Egypt) literally means 'the land of the black faces', and is where lavender can be referenced to on heiroglyphs, structures, artifacts, and texts.

In 1872, a German man named Edwin Ebers came to own the oldest surviving text containing a complete list of medical prescriptions in use during our history circa 2000 BC. This text has come to be known as the Ebers Papyrus and can be found today in Leipzig Germany at the University of Leipzig library.

Did you know that the Kemetic people mummified their deceased and anointed their heads and feets with essential oils? Yep!

When the Greeks learned of the use of essential oils, news spread like wildfire. Homer in The Odyssey stated, "In Egypt, the men are more skilled in medicine than any of human kind."(1) Teophrastus wrote a book called, "Concerning Odours" and explained that the Greeks anointed their feet and lower limbs.

The Romans soldiers were known to have used lavender to dress wounds. During the Victorian Era, it was fashionable to use perfumes, soaps and nose cushions containing lavender as well. Dried lavender bunches were used by midwives throughout history to distract mothers from the pain of child labor and provide a natural aromatic remedy to calm their minds and ease their suffering. And of course, even in today's world, lavender is used in a variety of products...but beware of the artificial fragrance labeled "lavender" as it is not at all the same thing as the pure essential oil extracted from the living plant.


Lavender Products

dream-spray.jpgIn this world of choices, why anyone would choose an artificial fragrance or synthetic product over a nature-derived one is beyond me. As a society, we already struggle with over-exposure to chemicals in our air, water, food, toiletries and medicine.

Using products that contain True lavender essential oil can not only improve the aroma in the air, but also have a positive effect on our central nervous system. And the proof is out there as lavender is one of the most highly-researched and well-documented essential oils in history. 

Whether you choose to use handmade lavender soap during your evening bath routine or use a few drops of lavender in a diffuser to help unwind the kiddos while laying in bed, we know you will see the benefit of using nature's power to encourage sleep. 

Remember, it's not just about the scent. It's about the benefits given by the plant's precious oils that have a powerful impact on our body, mind and spirit. 



(1). Odyssey, Translated by Falges R. Introduction and Notes by Knox B. USA: Penguin Classics, 560:1997.