10 ways you can recycle coffee grounds


Coffee grounds are extremely versatile so think twice before trashing them next time.

Below are 10 ways you can reuse or "upcycle" old coffee grounds.

  1. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your garden. They add nitrogen and potassium to the soil and attract earth worms. 
  2. Place a thin layer of damp coffee grounds on top of your ashes in a wood-burning stove before cleaning it. The weight of the grounds will reduce the amount of ash that gets stirred up into the air. When you're finished, add the entire pile of grounds and ash to a compost pile to enrich.
  3. Make a homemade bar of soap (or buy a good one from a great soap company...hint hint) to remove odor and prevent callouses.
  4. Mix coffee grounds with carrot seeds right before you plant them. The carrots benefit from this boost of energy. 
  5. Use coffee grounds as a gentle body exfoliant. Mix 1 Tbsp of grounds with 1/2 cup coconut oil and scrub all over your body to reveal a fresh new you!
  6. You can even add them to a 9 x 13 glass dish covered with boiling water and soak a basic white piece of paper in the water to get an old-fashioned paper look. Think aged pirate birthday invites for cheap! Click here to view the full how-to guide
  7. Want to make a completely biodegradable flower pot that you can compost next year? Look no further...coffee grounds wins again. Read this how-to to learn.
  8. Grow mushrooms in your own home with coffee grounds and spores. Learn how
  9. Keep cut flowers lasting longer. Use a coffee/soil blend to enhance the look inside the vase and keep the flowers longer than just sugar water.
  10. And finally..... make these DIY coffee ground garbage disposal cleaners. They help sharpen disposal blades and clean away debris while giving off a lovely coffee scent.

Enjoy recycling those coffee grounds!!