Essential Oil Precautions

Essential oils can be extremely beneficial when used correctly and cautiously. Just like all mother nature's gifts, essential oils need to be treated with respect, used in moderation and administered carefully. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the following precautions before using any essential oils on yourself or others.

  1. Dilute with Carrier oils
  2. Avoid contact with eyes
  3. Keep out of reach of children
  4. Beware during pregnancy and labor
  5. Ask Doctor if medical condition exists
  6. Enjoy!!!


Dilute, Dilute, Dilute!

To Prevent skin irritation or sensitization, do not use essential oils on skin undiluted, except for the occassion when undiluted essential oils are needed in spot treatments on an affected area such as a bug bite, minor burn or rash.

One benefit of using undiltued essential oils in addition to the prevention of skin irritation is to increase the length of your essential oils. By diluting your oils prior to application or use, you use far less essential oils per use thereby allowing you to save money and still get the great benefits of using them. 


Eyes, Nose, Ears, Throat

Never take essential oils internally and avoid contact with eyes, throat or any other mucous membranes. If contact occurs, rinse away with water.


Here's the Child Disclaimer

For goodness sake, keep out of the reach of children. Not only can this be dangerous, but I have two toddlers of my own, they will pour it all out onto your floor (carpet because of course they can't manage to spill on the easily wipe-able vinyl flooring) and have your house smelling like lemongrass for the next week! 

Also, be cautious when administering to children as they are so wonderfully accepting of natural remedies that just a little goes a long way. Make sure to dilute all essential oils double that which is recommended for adults with all applications.


Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

Essential oils can be one of your greatest assets during pregnancy, labor and delivery. Essential oils can be massaged into your belly to prevent stretch marks (or as my daughter put it "scratch marks"...from the baby inside...too cute) and into your feet and ankles to reduce swelling and discomfort. They can also be used for emotional support when the day seems just to much for an expecting mother. 

During labor and delivery, essential oils and carrier oils can be massaged into your perineum area to help prevent tearing and reduce the feeling of pressure. They can also be diffused throughout the room to help bring about a sense of calm, empowering energy for the mother and those around her. 

But beware, certain essential oils such as basil, hyssop and rosemary are best avoided during pregnancy. Ask your practitioner of choice before using essential oils during and after pregnancy. 


Medical Conditions

If you, a loved one, or a client suffer from a medical condition such as epilepsy, autism, etc... consult your practitioner of choice before using or administering any essential oils as this could potentially cause unwanted side effects. 



I had to state the scary stuff because I'm pretty sure someone would try to sue me if I didn't, however, don't be alarmed! Essential oils are nature's most beautiful gifts and with a little knowledge, can be your best defense against this modern world. 

Start by incorporating one or two basic essential oils into your daily routine and begin experiencing the beneficial effects. I started essential oils in my life by adding 3 drops of lemon essential oil directly into my washing machine prior to starting it. This adds a nice light scent (we make our own washing liquid and the scent does not carry through) and helps to sanitize naturally.

Whichever you choose, just choose one, sit back and enjoy!

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