Who We Are

We are a family that believes strongly in the healing abilities of nature. Since we’ve incorporated nature’s gifts into our own lives, we’ve experienced first-hand the amazing transformation of mind, body and spirit. As lifelong learners, we continue to seek information to expand our knowledge. We share what we learn in our email newsletter and through our products.

What We offer

We offer 100% NATURAL PRODUCTS that harness the power of nature using herbs, essential oils, and healthy fats.

As a policy, we GUARANTEE to NEVER sacrifice quality for price.The ingredients we use are in the purest, least refined form, and as close to the original source as possible. 

Meet the Team

Andre - Husband, father, sanity keeper. 
Brittany - Wife, mother, essential oil junkie.
3 Kids - Trinity, Sky and Iniko - household entertainment :)

We handle everything from making our products to attending expos to personally writing every blog, email and thank you note.

nefertem family

Our Mission is to bring the POWER OF NATURE into Daily Routine

When our first baby was born with sensitive skin, we became very aware of toxins found in skincare. After tirelessly seeking out products claiming to be "all natural", but really containing ingredients that were "nature-identical" or "nature-derived", we combined our knowledge of aromatherapy, herbs and holistic nutrition and started making our own moisturizers.   

Over time we found more ways to live life more naturally. This led us to a wonderful family ranch in southern Colorado raising grass-fed cattle. A conversation with the wife of the ranch led us into a discussion about the benefits of the fat rendered from these cows.

We began reading everything we could about the history and science behind grass fed tallow (fat). What we found was remarkable. Naturally, we had to re-examine our thinking about using ALL of nature's gifts. We also came across the idea of making soap. 

So, we started formulating our recipes with the fat we rendered, herbs and essential oils. We created blends for family members with certain skin and health issues and after all the positive feedback about how our products were transforming people's lives, we decided to share them with the world. And thus, Nefertem Naturals was born in 2012.


Who is "Nefertem"?

Nefertem is an ancient, Kemetic God who introduced plant essences to the world.

One traditional creation story of the Nile Valley region involved the great waters, known as Nun, that completely covered the Earth. As the sun (Ra) rose one day, a blue lotus (lily) flower emerged from the water and began to open. Inside that flower was a young man named Nefertem. With outstretched hands, he offered plants to the world. Thus, he has been highly regraded as the God of Beautification (Cosmetics), the Healing Arts (herbs) and Aromatherapy (Perfume). 

nefertem naturals

Nefertem symbolizes the connection we have with nature

Humans have evolved alongside plants and animals for millions of years. Naturally, we have similarities and offer each other benefits. 

The balance between us is likened to that of the Yin and the Yang - a duality, a balance, a harmony, a reciprocity.

We are confident that the more we learn about the use of nature's gifts and the more ways we can find to apply that knowledge into our everyday routine, the better we will feel and the better the whole world will be.

We may be idealistic but hey, "where there is no vision, the people will parrish".

We want to extend a massive THANK YOU to all of our faithful customers. We appreciate that you value what we do and how we do it and hope to provide you with the kind of quality products you and your family need for many years to come.

Nefertem Naturals

Bringing the Power of Nature into Daily Routine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the power of nature into daily routine.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop quality products that allow people to harness the goodness of nature on a daily basis through the use of responsibly-harvested herbs, therapeutic-grade essential oils and humanely-raised animal products.