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CONSCENTUAL Natural Moisturizer

CONSCENTUAL Natural Moisturizer

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Naturally create a harmony between the male/female energies inside of yourself. Radiate love and balance. Attract those seeking your affection. 

Meet ConSCENTual

Are you ready to elevate your routine with the power of good intention?

This amazing moisturizer aides in creating balance in your life with it's rooty, citrusy, earthy aroma and excites your root chakra. 

Net Weight 3.40 ounces - shelf-stable for up to one year

Try a sample before buying the whole jar (when supply is available).

**Hot Weather Shipping Recommendation** Our body butters melt in warm temperatures. From May thru October, we strongly recommend ordering a Cold Shipping Kit to help prevent melting.

Highest Quality Organic Ingredients

Passionate about restoring the ways of our ancestors, the ingredients we use are grown or raised as nature intended - organically.

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef tallow raised organically, unrefined shea butter*, jojoba oil*, unrefined coconut oil*, beeswax*, patchouli essential oil*, grapefruit essential oil*, lavender essential oil*, non-gmo vitamin e oil*, and positive intention. * = organic

Natural Body Moisturizer with Essential Oils

Refresh your skin AND mood with a moisturizer cultivated to deliver hydration AND aromatherapy! Easily absorbed after your daily shower. 

  • Leaves skin glowing with rejuvenation 
  • Ultra-concentrated and long-lasting - you just need a DROP!
  • No greasy feel - soaks in quickly!


Using time-honored techniques, we lovingly create all our products by hand, in small batches.


Balance your mind, body, and spirit while transforming the way your skin looks naturally. Made with passion and positive intention, good vibes are guaranteed to be in every jar.

Why do we use tallow?

Grass fed beef tallow contains the same fats found in healthy, supple human skin oil, as well as vitamins, antioxidants, and CLA for optimal skin health. Learn more.

Where do we get our tallow?

At Nefertem, we render and purify the fat we get from a husband/wife team in Colorado who have committed to raising their cattle on grass; without hormones, steroids, GMO feed or antibiotics.

Have Questions? Visit our F.A.Q. page to learn more or contact us now. 

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lisa h.
United States

ConSCENTual moisturizer

I was over the moon when I saw that this scent is now available in the moisturizer! As is the case with all your body butters, this 1 smells so amazing and makes my skin so lovely and soft. Another great product - you guys are the best!!!