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    RELAX Gift Set

    Deliver the joy of holistic skincare to someone you love with the Relax Gift Set from Nefertem.

    Each beautifully wrapped bundle contains hand-made natural skincare essentials that embody a mindful approach to beauty and wellness.

    It's not just about gifting skincare; it's about sharing a moment of calm, connection, and intentional living.

    Gifting made easy: ship to yourself to gift in person or ship directly to your special someone to share the joy through the mail!

    BONUS - Leave an order comment during checkout with a gift message and we'll include a handwritten card from you, with your special message to them.

    What's Included
    Perfect for Every Occasion

    From Celebrations to Just Because...

    Light up your spouse's face on your anniversary or birthdays.

    Slip one on your co-workers desk when she's going through rough times.

    Place one on your daughter's bed when her spirits need lifting.

    Mindful Gift Sets are perfect for every occasion, think: Christmas gifts, holidays gifts, birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, anniversary gifts, and "just thinking of you" gifts.

    Gift Self Care for Everybody

    Gift more magical me-time to everyone on your list with a thoughtful skincare set.

    Offering a moment to pause and connect with their daily intention, each kit is the perfect way to show them how much you care.


    Hand-made, 100% natural skincare products that vibe with their spirit.


    Everything they’ll need for head-to-toe glowing skin, plus a beautiful booklet on how to get the most out of their kit

    Scent Profile

    A gentle, floral-citrus aroma with a soothing, fresh finish.

    Great scent for women and men alike.

    Lavender brings floral to the front with orange's citrus notes a close second, followed by an apple-like hint that begs a peaceful, deep breath to take it all in.

    "The scent of this kit is addicting and relaxing. I could smell it all day long and never get tired of it." - James K.


    Relax + Unwind

    Help your loved ones create calm and peace no matter where they are.

    This mindful gift set was formulated + blessed to support the rejuvenation of their spirits, help them relax, and encourage them to partake in acts of self-love.

    It can also help them regain compassion for themselves and others, relieve tension, and deepen their connection to the divine.

    Supports the Crown Chakra - governs spirituality and unity, enlightenment, faith, awareness of the present, and surrender.

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