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best natural holistic skincare gift sets


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Hand-curated, holistic skincare bundles for your energetic well-being!

Makes great gifts for moms, sisters, friends and daughters. Unique, 100% natural and aromatically delightful! 

Our Inspire Bundle is meant to do just that...inspire. Whether you need to release old emotions, gain some clarity on your circumstances or be supported on your journey to becoming exactly who you wish to be, this bundle is designed to encourage you along the way. 

This Inspire Bundle Deluxe Includes:

  1. Beautiful Spirit Moisturizer
  2. Release Aromatherapy Spray
  3. 3 Bars of Clarity Soap

Beautiful Spirit Moisturizer

Frankincense, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Bergamot & May Chang Essential Oils. 

Scent Profile: A deep, earthy, resinous, slightly sweet, highly spiritual aroma with a soft citrus kiss.

Energetic Profile: Inspiring the confidence to express your true self with support from the highest source. High vibrational tool to aide in deep reflection and growth.

Release Aromatherapy Spray

May chang, bergamot & cedarwood Essential Oils

Scent Profile: A clean, bubbly, refreshingly citrus aroma with a pleasing, zesty, bright mossy/woody finish.

Energetic Profile: Liberate emotions that no longer serve you and set your inner child free. High vibrational tool to strengthen the spirit and free negative, stagnant emotions.

3 Bars of Clarity Soap

May Chang & Vetiver Essential Oils

Scent Profile: A refreshingly bright, crisp, distinct, citrusy-lemon aroma with a faint yet complex earthy-rooty finish.

Energetic Profile: Energize and inspire your morning shower while cleansing your spirits. Clear mental fog and gain the focus needed to tackle your day head on. Refresh your mood and brighten your aura.

The Original Holistic Skincare Company

Nefertem is an independent, family-owned and operated, holistic skincare company that seeks to cultivate a positive shift in consciousness through reflection and growth.

Our 100% natural skin care products are paraben free, sulfate free, fragrance free, and free from ANY artificial ingredients. 

We use only certified organic plant oils, responsibly-harvested herbs, therapeutic-grade essential oils and humanely-raised, grass-fed tallow.

Learn why we use the ingredients we use.

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