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Set your spirit free to evolve with a smooth, citrusy, holistic skincare set.

natural holistic gift sets for her
holistic skincare aromatherapy bundle by Nefertem

Inspire Bundle with 3 Soaps

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5 - Piece Bundle Includes:

1 - Beautiful Spirit Natural Moisturizer - Inspiring the confidence to express your true self with support from the highest source.

Beautiful Spirit Ingredients: Organically-raised grass-fed tallow; unrefined grade A shea butter*; jojoba oil*; unrefined coconut oil*; beeswax*; essential oil blend of cedarwood*, frankincense*, myrrh*, bergamot* and may chang*; non-GMO vitamin e oil* and good vibes. The * indicates a certified organic ingredient.

1 - Release Aromatherapy Spray - Liberate emotions that no longer serve you and set your inner child free. Strengthens the spirit.

Release Ingredients: Full moon-infused purified water; witch hazel extract*; essential oil blend of bergamot*, cedarwood*, and may chang*; 7 clear quartz crystals & good vibes*. The * indicates a certified organic ingredient.

3 - Morning Clarity Soaps - Feel the zing of energy as you cleanse your skin and uncloud your mind.

Morning Clarity Ingredients: Purified water; organically-raised grass-fed tallow; unrefined coconut oil*; unrefined olive oil*; food-grade sodium hydroxide (a necessary catalyst not found in final product); unrefined castor oil*; unrefined grade A shea butter*; essential oil blend of may chang* and vetiver; French green clay; spirulina*; activated charcoal*; and good vibes*. The * indicates a certified organic ingredient.

Why Do We Use The Ingredients We Use?

To purchase products individually, click on each product page link above. Questions? Contact us directly or visit our FAQ page.

Formulated By Nefertem - The Original Holistic Skincare Company

Pioneering an innovative approach to daily routines, Nefertem was born in 2012 to raise vibrations and encourage a shift of consciousness on a global scale. Our mission is to cultivate energetic healing on a whole new level, through the use of holistic skincare.

Leaders in Holistic Skincare

Skincare should be more than what you put on your skin. It should be an opportunity to energetically connect your mind, body, and spirit while transforming the health of your skin naturally. Made with positive intention and the finest quality ingredients, isn't it time you Elevate Your Routine?

Isn't it time you Elevate Your Routine™


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