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best natural skin care products nefertem holistic skin care
best natural skin care products nefertem


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Hand-curated, holistic skincare bundles for your energetic well-being!

The best all natural skin care products make the best gifts for moms, sisters and friends! 

Our Balance Bundle is meant to do just that... encourage balance. Whether you need to reconnect with your body, calm your overactive mind, settle into a new space or chill out in the midst of chaos, this bundle is designed to support you along the way. 

This Balance Bundle DELUXE Holistic Skincare Set Includes:

  1. ConScentual Moisturizer
  2. ConScentual Aromatherapy Spray
  3. 3 Bars of Balance Soap

ConScentual Moisturizer

Patchouli, grapefruit and lavender.

Scent Profile: A grounding, rooty, earthy aroma with a citrusy, floral finish. Adored by patchouli lovers, but even enjoyed by patchouli non-lovers because of the well-balanced scent.

Energetic Profile: Deep grounding energy with a hint of wind-in-your-hair. Supports our connect to earth. Grounding. Balancing. Encourages harmony between male/female counterparts. 

ConScentual Aromatherapy Spray

Patchouli, grapefruit & lavender.

Scent Profile: A grounding, rooty, earthy aroma with a citrusy, floral finish. An addicting aroma enjoyed by men & women alike as a natural perfume. 

Energetic Profile: Harmonize the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Calm your overactive mind. Ground down into your body and get out of your head. High vibrational tool for attracting new, inspiring people in your life.

3 Bars of Balance Soap

Patchouli, Grapefruit & Lavender

Scent Profile: A slightly dark, musky-earthy aroma with an elegant, citrus, sweet top note and a soft floral finish. Many comment on how well-balanced this patchouli blend is. Not too patchouli-heavy and just the right amount of citrus.

Energetic Profile: Align yourself with balance and harmony. Attract grounded, peaceful energy. Reconnect to the Mother Earth essence while bathing your skin in luxurious lather.

The Original Holistic Skincare Company

Nefertem is the leading independent, family-owned and operated, holistic skincare company. Their mission is to cultivate a positive shift in consciousness by inspiring daily reflection and growth.

Their 100% natural skin care products are paraben free, sulfate free, fragrance free, and free from ANY and ALL artificial ingredients. 

They use only certified organic plant oils, responsibly-harvested herbs, therapeutic-grade essential oils and humanely-raised, grass-fed tallow.

Learn why they use the ingredients they use.

Are you ready to elevate your routine? Order now!


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