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SPIRIT CLEANSE Purifying Aromatherapy Spray for Home, Office, Car and Body by Nefertem

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Natural Aromatherapy Spray for Home & Body

The "Negative Vibes Neutralizer" - a purifying blend of Sage, Frankincense and Pine essential oils, known historically for their spiritual cleansing properties.

Enjoy this natural, smoke-free alternative to smudging your home, car or office of bad vibes.

Non-toxic. No artificial ingredients. 4 oz. bottle with mister spray cap.

Organic Ingredients

100% pure, organic essential oils with a touch of positive intention. 

  • purified water
  • organic witch hazel extract
  • organic true sage (salvia officinalis) essential oil
  • organic frankincense essential oil
  • organic scotch pine essential oil
  • positive intention

How to Use Aromatherapy Sprays

Just shake, spray liberally on all fabrics in home, car or office and let the essential oils do the rest.

Also enjoy the purification of self by spraying above your head and allowing the aroma to envelope you while taking long, deep breaths. 

Home Purification Tool

Having one of those days? Having one of those months? Ever considered clearing the energy from your space and starting fresh?

This pure aromatherapy spray was designed as an alternative to burning sage, pine or frankincense.

Sometimes we can't, or don't want to, produce smoke in our space (like an office). Sometimes we don't feel like coughing behind a burning sage stick. Sometimes we want to spirit cleanse our car but don't want the neighbors all up in our business.

And then sometimes, we just don't feel like taking out the sage stick, or setting out the charcoal and frankincense resin.

But we still want our space cleared. This essential oil spray is your natural, smoke-free alternative.

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