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BLISS Aromatherapy Natural Perfume Spray with Rose & Orange by Nefertem

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Natural Aromatherapy Spray for Home & Body


Each bottle contains 7 clear quartz crystals that have been cleansed and charged under the light of the full moon in order to maximize the energetic properties of each blend.

Aromatherapy At Your Fingertips

Relax in a natural atmosphere with this aromatherapy spray for your body, home, office and car.

Just one spray will have you (and all those around you) in a whole different vibe.

This divine, uplifting blend of Rose Hydrosol, Orange, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Quartz Crystals is restores the inner feminine spirit, causing a natural balance of the emotions. 

It is primarily enjoyed by women with it's rich, floral scent. 

Natural alternative to perfume or cologne

Why not spray nature onto your clothes instead of harmful, artificial fragrances?

Non-toxic, 100% pure, with a touch of positive intention.

 4 oz. bottle with mister spray cap.

Organic Ingredients

  • organic rose hydrosol
  • purified water
  • organic witch hazel extract
  • organic orange essential oil
  • organic clary sage essential oil
  • organic ylang ylang essential oil
  • organic geranium essential oil
  • positive intention

How to Use Aromatherapy Sprays

Just shake, spray liberally on all fabrics in home, car or office and let the essential oils do the rest.

Also enjoy the invigoration of self by spraying above your head and allowing the aroma to envelope you while taking long, deep breaths. 

Natural Tool for Grounding

When our day develops many ups and downs, we may need a tool for creating emotional balance. 

This spray is designed for daily use to encourage the restoration of our nurturing, feminine spirit. While your energy is enhanced, so seems to be the case for those around you. 

This fantastic essential oil spray tends to cause people to stop, inhale and ask, “My goodness that smells great. What are you wearing?” Then you, of course, say, “Oh just a little something I picked up from Nefertem.” *wink*

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