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Vitality in a Jar

Our body butters are like nothing you have ever tried. They are rich and nutritious to hydrate your skin. They absorb quickly leaving no greasy feel. Our body butters are 100% natural and made with all organic ingredients. We also use the purified fat, otherwise known as tallow, from grass fed cows, raised organically. This fat is what sets our body butters apart from other skincare. Tallow closely resembles the same fat blend as our own skin's oil, therefore, it absorbs quickly and easily.

Our body butters are formulated to enhance the appearance and radiance of your skin. Best used as a daily, all-over moisturizer. Apply liberally all over to help eliminate dry, cracked and dull skin. 

Our Products are Free From:

  • • Parabens
  • • Sodium Laurel Sulfate
  • • Palm Oil (one of the leading causes of deforestation)
  • • Alcohol
  • • Formaldehyde
  • • Harsh Chemicals
  • • Artificial Dyes
  • • Artificial hardeners or foaming agents
  • • Unnatural preservatives
  • • Other junk our bodies do not need!