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What is Tallow Skin Care?

tallow skincare

Tallow skin care is just as it sounds...skincare made using tallow.

Tallow is the rendered fat from surrounding a ruminant animal's organs, typically the kidneys. Such animals are cows, deer, bear and buffalo just to name a few.

Most modern day tallow skincare is made from cow fat. Tallow is rendered by heating suet (the fat) over medium/low heat for hours until the fat (which turns to liquid) melts away from the tissues and sinew. Here is a snapshot of how we render our tallow.

rendering grass fed tallow

After it is completely melted, it is strained and poured into an airtight container to be stored at room temperature for up to 1 year or placed in the freezer to be stored for up to 5 years. 

Tallow can then be used in many skincare preparations from soap to body butter to lip balms and has a naturally balanced blend of vitamins and essential fatty acids that make it one of the best fats for the skin. 

Are there different types of Tallow?

While many corporations use industrial-grade tallow from factory-farmed cows in everyday products such as lip sticks, lotions and soaps, it is highly advisable to avoid these types of tallow-based skincare products.

Factory farming any type of animal causes a host of problems that range from serious diseases (requiring heavy doses of antibiotics that pass through the tallow to your skin) to malnutrition (significantly reducing any nutrients listed herein) to negative energetics (sad cows lead to sad tallow). 

Grass-Fed Cattle is Preferred

Tallow rendered from grass-fed, free-to-range-in-the-sunshine cows have a high nutrient profile along with positive vibes. (Everything has and transfers vibration, even plants, believe it or not).

When cows are allowed to graze quality grasses grown by nature herself, they absorb nutrients from their diet. Corn fed cows do not obtain the same levels of vitamins and minerals as grass fed cows do. In fact, most cows fed a corn diet (if not all by 2017) are consuming very large amounts of genetically modified corn that can cause havoc to your system. (1)

Healthy Fats are Essential For Healthy Skin

Fats (or lipids) are found in abundance in our bodies and are the building blocks of every cell membrane we have. Beef tallow contains the same fats found in healthy, supple human skin oil.


  • Assists the skin in retaining moisture
  • Restores healthy, youthful looking skin
  • Replenishes the building blocks of our cells that decreases with age

The source of tallow is just as important as the tallow itself. 

At Nefertem, We render and purify the fat we get from a husband/wife team in Colorado who have committed to raising their cattle on grass; without hormones, steroids, GMO feed or antibiotics.

If you haven't tried using tallow skincare, now is the time. Tallow skincare made with pure essential oils can completely transform the way you look at skincare. Shop Now.

tallow skincare

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